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Another classic gem from the makers of Traffic Racer. This time, you are behind the wheel of motorbikes in a much more detailed gaming experience/thrill, but also retaining the old school fun and vintage simplicity.
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Traffic Rider Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Resources)

traffic rider

Traffic Rider Mod APK takes the racing game/genre to a whole new horizon by adding an extreme career mode, best graphics and real-life bike sounds. You find yourself driving on your dream motorbike, cruising/racing the endless roads/tracks while watching the beautiful sun going down, compete with the depleting time as you have to overcome the tough yet addictive challenges in this game. Enjoy this mesmerising game from Soner Kara,  you’re introduced to one of the most challenging and immersive/accurate motorbike simulation game on the available Android platform. Find out more about this by our comprehensive analysis based on experience.

Game History

In this game of adventure, you will join the ultimate racing adventure of a daring and skilled biker who has the desire to complete all the toughest/off-road motorbike challenges that he could even imagine. Bikers immerse themself in this amazing motorbike simulation game as it introduces players to its addictive and in-depth gameplay.

You not only drive but also experience the accurate simulation of what happens on the road. Drive on the busy highway with multiple cars/trucks in multiple lane roads. Experience the real-time and accurate traffic elements with signals, lights, turn signals, and so much more.

Put your traffic knowledge with your amazing and expert motorbike skills to complete the tough but exciting racing challenges.


What You Get

Here are all the exciting content and features which you will be enjoying in this game.


In starting, players get access to the simple controls set up through which you get started without any difficulties. You have to tap only on the side to make the bike move in your desired direction. In addition, if you prefer, you can easily adjust the tilt control to enjoy more smooth gaming experience.  Inbuilt features are quite easy to access, so most likely, it is impossible to have any problem.

Comprehensive Camera View

To make the game more thrilling and enjoyable, players can choose his choice of multiple camera views which would definitely provide unique experiences. You can completely immerse yourself to the first-person camera view, Or choose the 3rd person camera angle to get a better viewing angle. The choice is totally up to you, change them according to your choice so your experience is more enjoyable.

Your Choice

You choose the best bike which suits your style among dozens of available bikes. Ride innovative bike on the highway  roads by overtaking the heavy traffic, let you upgrade and buy new bikes to beat the missions in career mode.

Get on your favourite ride and cruise your way through the crowded streets with multiple/various vehicles. There are currently 29 different motorbikes available, each having its own stats and charisma. Plus, with new updates, you’ll be introduced and given chance to new rides that would definitely satisfy your racing enthusiasm.

trafic rider.apkcover

Real like Environment

You will get a feel of real environment with the bikes which gives a charismatic real feel which will definitely boost your energy level. Start experiencing realistic day and night variations as you ride on different locations with different venues. Have a relaxing cool breeze to blow through your helmet, experience accurate bumps with realistic feel.

Exploring the career mode

Begin your amateur biker adventure, players will get a chance to participate in the incredible career mode where you learn everything you need to know how to become the greatest and skilled driver in the whole world.

Play through over 70 different/unique missions that are available and get yourself some of the most desirable motorbikes. Learn and get expertise all the driving techniques to help you go further in your racing journey.

Customize your ride

Turn your favorite ride into an actual stunt, you can have the chance to customize your ride using many useful options that the game offers. You can replace your bike with a new engine, a more efficient exhaust, better and solid tires, and so on to make it more capable and effective on the streets.

You can decorate your bike with awesome and eye-catching stickers, new/creative paintings, and so on. Turn your bike into the stylish rider that you’ve always wanted.

Compete with Gamers Online

You can take ride online as you are left in the world where you are free to join millions of different players from all over the world with the online gameplay. Put yourself competing in the exciting online leaderboards with thrilling and amazing actions. You have to finish at the top of the rankings to earn yourself valuable prizes and finish in top rankings. There are over 30 different online available achievements for you to complete.

traffic rider
traffic rider

 Language Choice Available

most of us, who wants to play our favourite game in our preferred language would make a ton of difference.  Players will be given choice to opt from over 19 most popular languages around the globe. Now play your favourite game without any hindrance by the language barrier which spoils the crunch of thrill.

Hurry, collect bountiful bonuses

The game feature/provides many bountiful bonuses that you collect while participating in various challenges. Drive as fast as possible to make you earn yourself the maximum scores, but be careful of the crowded traffics so you don’t meet any accident. Reach over 90 km/h and simply take over the streets.

Bring your bike close to the passing vehicles to earn extra bonuses/points or perform epic wheelies/stunts to get your money.

Free to play

This is free to play for mobile users. Hence, you can easily install on your devices without having to pay even a penny. Get access to the complete gameplay using your earned game money would certainly be satisfying. And while the game still comes with some premium options with in-app purchase options, those won’t likely to bother/annoy you.

Unlimited Bounty with our mod

If you find the game addictive, you may find the ads quite annoying and disgusting as they reduce your in-game experience. To handle this, you can have our Traffic Rider|Mod APK (Unlimited Money) installed on your device. Just download the file from our site and follow our instructions to install it properly. You’ll have yourself a completely unlocked game with everything readied for you to get thrilled.

Visual Effects and Sound

Picture Quality

The game features 3D graphics which make Traffic Rider | Mod APK (Unlimited Money) extremely alluring to play. Find yourself to experience the most authentic motorbike simulation riding experience on your mobile devices whenever you want. Take your driving hobby to the next level with beautifully designed vehicles and immersive roads.


You find the environment in Traffic Rider extremely realistic and immersive, not just because of the stunning/high-quality graphics but also due to the accurate sound effects. Feel the real motor sounds that were recorded live, Or immerse yourself in a great environment full of realistic elements.

The game is undoubtedly a quality mobile game that you  enjoy anytime anywhere you want.,with our mod version, you also have access to all of its contents without having to pay anything. You can download our other shooting top-rated games also.

Download Traffic Rider Mod APK For ios

Play this vehement and intense racing game on your iPhone for free

Download Traffic Rider Mod APK For Pc

The game is undoubtedly a great racing game that you can enjoy anytime. With our mod version, you have access to all of its contents/resources without having to pay anything.  You should install it on your devices.

What's new

Customize/modify your bikes with 30+ stickers
Added 3 new motorbikes
App size reduced
Various improvements and bug fixation

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