Traffic Racer (Unlimited Money)


Traffic Racer is a milestone in the category of endless racing category. Drive your car through highway traffic in a rush, earn some cash, upgrade, or buy a new one. Be the fastest and skilled one. Endless racing game is now redefined in a unique way!
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Traffic Racer MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Take control of the most powerful and uncontrollable car and take a ride to the amazing and beautiful locations also. Smash the other player’s cars, overtake all the contenders and get money to spend on improving your race car, even if you don’t like it, go for the brand new one. Traffic Racer MOD Apk is one of the paramount and addictive games included in the racing genre. You have to manage your car on difficult terrains, earn money, pump your own car and buy a new one. Try competing with the best of your driving skills and make every effort to be the fastest driver in the game and secure the top positions in the league.

You get powerful and wild car wheels, you also get to know the most beautiful places and new venues. Put the engine to the extreme limit, leave behind your opponents, and earn some money to spend on improving and modifying your race car or just go for the new one. But be sensible in driving and try to avoid hitting other vehicles as many racers will also be on the road, do not crash or skid. This game will definitely make high-speed lovers enjoy a mesmerizing ride.



It’s a 3D graphics game with a very realistic driving experience. There is a squadron of cars with various locations like slums, city, and a cold desert as well. There are multiple game modes that will bring a thrilling experience for you and diversity. You have the choice to alter or modify your vehicle according to your choice. You can also see the scoreboard with top leaders and their achievements. In this Traffic racer apk you pick your favorite car and hit the road,  you must dodge passing traffic to overcome your competitors.  You have to cover the greatest possible distance, so by overtaking the other riders and also beating your own record. Basic customization is allowed through paint and wheels. Rich types of NPC traffic including trucks, buses, jeeps, hatchback and SUVs.

  • TIPS:
    The faster you drive the car, the more scores and points you get
    When driving over 100 km/h, overtaking other cars closely gets you bonus scores and cash
    If you Drive in opposite direction in two-way mode then you get an extra score and cash


Traffic Racer Mod apk/ios


This is a racing game in which you are driving on a busy and congested road. You must reach the finish line as early as possible and while going through all the traffic conditions which may not be helpful for your racing tactics. To make it more attractive and interesting, Mod Apk offers free unlimited money. By this hack or technique, the player will not bother about cash and can buy anything in the store without having to worry about prices. In the beginning, the player is allowed to get the best gear of his choice that helps defeat the enemies effectively. With the availability of unmatched money and resources, players can master undefeatable enemies and challenges and can become the best players and stand tall. For traffic rider mod apk click here.


Traffic Racer Mod Apk Highlights


  • Nowadays, people who are game enthusiasts, love their games above all. Lack of new game content makes people lose interest. Now, Game developers mainly focus on revenue so they do provide boring, repetitive, and limited game content. Traffic racer developers tried their best that this game does not fall into this category. The multiple game modes and difficulty levels have been introduced to test the user’s skills against various obstacles and hurdles. There are many game modes like Endless, Two-Way,  Trial Mode, Police Chase, and Free Ride, etc.
  • If the developers provide the users with a quality gaming experience, then players do not lose interest and remain passionate about playing the game. This is how the makers adopted the strategy to present in the gameplay of intriguing graphics. This makes a better driving experience where the driver actually feels like driving the real car and be the one to take on others.
  • No one is fully expert when it comes to technology. There are many games in the market in which many inbuilt features are not that easy to be operated by a common man. This is a game where the game is easy and clean interface gives players the opportunity to enjoy gameplay with a little technical knowledge. The controls are simple and handy: control your car by tilting the screen of your Android device. Just press the gas and a brake button given on the screen to handle the car.
  • For a real feel and give drivers extra thrilling mode, developers have added the game with traffic from big vehicles and Jeeps to small scooters and motorbikes. There are also HTV like trucks that keep on blocking and intervening in your path, as you have to show your driving skills and abilities. Because when you get slow, you simply lose.



  • Free Ride –It’s basically a trial you get at the beginning so Start by showcasing your skills on the free rides and also get familiar with the car controls.
  • Two-way | Instead you just drive on a boring one-way lane, make the game a little more challenging/exciting and show your skills on the two-way street.
  • Time Trial – If you like to drive really fast, then this mode is definitely for you.  Extremely addictive and time killing. Challenge yourself and give your best to attain awesome records.
  • Police Chase – Intensify this thrilling ride by making some bad moves so few cops start chasing you, It will be fun to enjoy the game if you want some unique challenges.
  • Endless – And finally in the Endless mode. Enjoy the paved roads as well as crossing the overcrowded streets.

Extra In Traffic Racer Mod Apk

It is a racing journey in which you take your car across the city roads. You have to finish the endpoint while following traffic conditions. For more fun and enjoyable ride, the mod apk gives you the advantage of unlimited money. This will allow you to purchase anything from the store which is needed for a better ride without worrying about the cash. In the beginning, you get the best of the stuff like gear, car parts which are very crucial for winning the game. With the advantage of never-ending money, the gamer easily takes on the toughest opponents and challenges and become the best player in the cadres.

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Traffic Racer Apk

Enter into the online gameplay with millions of actual gamers around the globe. With unique rewarding adventures and many game modes, players can take on different challenges and achievements to earn valuable loots and bounties. , The game also allows online gameplay where you can compete on the Leaderboards. Defeat your opponents and earn grand prizes.

Free Ride

Having all the exciting features, Traffic Racer is a freemium game. Just install it on your mobile device whenever and wherever you want. But some features are paid in the game which you might find interesting. Hence, you might like spending some pennies on it.  Racing category includes other game which you might like.

Traffic Racer mod Apk Hack

You can unlock many options using our mod version. Just download Traffic Racer APK files from our website and install it on your devices.



The game’s 3D graphics introduces gamers to a high-quality driving world. But on the other hand, there are compromises especially for those who don’t have enhanced devices, so you can play it on your low-end device easily.


The players in Traffic Racer Mod Apk will find themselves immersed in realistic and detailed high-quality sound effects with multiple vehicle horns, in-depth traffics, chasing police. It makes you feel like you’re riding on the actual road.

How to download and install Traffic Racer

  • Download it by simply clicking the download button below.
  • After the download is completed, the installation page of the mod apk  opens before the android user
  • Click on Install and the installation process starts.

trafic ridr


Traffic Racer MOD Apk Download

For the gamers and hardcore racing fans out there, Traffic Racer is a unique racing title that you may not be familiar with. However, with passing time, you will find the game extremely addictive. Unleash your driving tricks…Enjoy!


What's new

Addition of 3 new cars
Addition of 1 new location
Added new engine
Improved graphics quality
Improved main menu background
Optimized handling
Bugs fixation

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