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Tinder® is one of the most renowned app for meeting new people online. Wherever you go, It's there. You meet new people. If you want to get a date it's the right platform to use and have some quality time.
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Online dating is one of the essential needs of people in this modern world. But the scenario has been changed from the old days because of technological advancement. As said, “modern problems demand modern solutions,” Tinder is conceived as the best solution for users. This is a technology product believed to be used with connections that has eased the lives of people from friendship to dating, yes you got it right.

Dating platform frequently claims that they have fundamentally enhanced the dating landscape. To some extent, it’s true since we live in technological advancement. Those days are gone where we were supposed to just look at the partner’s photo and accept to marry with no other choice. Now, we can use various online dating platforms like Tinder, Bumble, Zoosk, etc, and get Matched.

So we are discussing the unique application called Tinder, and we will also offer you the modified version of Tinder named as Tinder MOD APK. It’s an exceptional beast consisting of the best features that will amaze you. So be ready to find your date more conveniently than even the official Tinder, with the same server.


Match, Chat & And Meet


Tinder has over 100 million downloads, this number goes high if calculated on other download platforms. With superb excellent service and updated service, it is the user’s first choice. From its launching, Tinder has handled over 30 billion interactions between accounts, making this dating application the most powerful giant in today’s world. Where you are, Tinder is there. Users can quickly connect with all their friends. Meet new people, expand friendship, get acquainted with all the locals where you travel, or just live up to the present time, this app will help you.

This application connects people so when interacting in this social network; people get to know each other. While creating an account, you must provide all personal information that appears on your profile page, Name, introduction. If you ignore/skip the above information, you may sign in, but the match rate will drop drastically. No living being wants to connect with a person with unclear/vague information. People want to talk to people, who are attracted both by your interests, looks, and knowledge, and behavior. After matching someone, wait for the signal, if you get a positive signal, the two of you will go to the private chat room. Talk to each other and perhaps it could lead to a future possible date.

 Million matches per day-Tinder

The procedure of this application is also very simple when the player will use it as a typical social network. You will look at other accounts and watch if they have what they like. If you like someone, don’t be hesitant to like their profile. When you like someone, those people will be put into a queue, and in response, if they like you too, you two get a chance to have an informal conversation. No worries about being rejected. Until everything is mature, two people seem to like each other’s way of talking, so they can step away from your phone, meet up in the real world and spark something new and start a new relationship.


These are the basic features that Tinder offers you. But if you want to get more utilities, more information about those around you, don’t hesitate to use a premium account. When you upgrade to Tinder Plus with special features. You receive Unlimited Likes, which means you will be comfortable swiping right until you are bored. Some other features like Passport that help you chat with all singles or other features like Boost, Super Likes, Rewind to become the most prominent and known person in the area. Moreover, Tinder mod apk Gold makes those functions more powerful.

In the Original  App, the Tinder Gold subscription price mentioned is $14.99 USD/​month & the Tinder Plus subscription price is $9.99 USD/​month.

By Using our Tinder Mod Apk, You can get Tinder/Gold Premium for Free of Cost without Paying a Penny…

In Tinder Plus/ Premium Features You Get

  • Unlimited Likes
  • 5 Super Likes Per Day
  • Unlimited Swipes
  • Rewind Last Swipe
  • 1 Boost in a month
  • Swipe Globally
  • No Rooting needed

No. of Users

Tinder mod apk is a wonderful dating app developed for Android users. It’s available on Google Play Store, downloads are over 100 Million now, it’s simply trustworthy now. Moreover, This is ranked No.1 Lifestyle app as it helps you in finding a date and changing your lifestyle completely. If we analyze statistics, then we see that Tinder is being used by millions of users and over 10 million daily active users.

There are millions of matches available on Tinder. It’s available in over 180 different countries, so there is a chance for you to make a girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s not the end, since there are over hundreds of features available in this dating app.

If you’re bored of this platform, download the modified version of Tinder from the below download link and can also take a look at the features.

Some Crazy Features

Our single friends should mingle and help them enhance their lifestyle. Introducing Tinder Premium MOD APK which is the modification of the Tinder app which consists of numerous features. Tinder is an app that offers immense features, but still, there are some imperfections that will get fixed by this modified version.

Tinder MOD APK comes with various benefits, you can rewind the last swipe which isn’t possible in the official Tinder app available even without purchasing the premium version. In this app, you have the option to know who clicked your picture, and then watch their profile free of cost. So get it now.

Unique Features Availability

The feature inside this MOD APK is the unlimited rewinds you get. If you use the official version of Tinder, then you have to subscribe to the Tinder Plus subscription.

Just forget about this weird thing and get ready to enjoy it smoothly and download the Tinder Premium MOD APK. This modded version lets you make infinite rewinds to look at all the profiles of your choice.

As we all know Tinder is a dating app, so we must not go for apps that don’t let us know who is liking our picture. You heard it right, if you are about to go for it, then stop! and go for the modified application named Tinder Premium MOD APK.


Some Features may not Work

Tinder Premium APK is obviously a premium app, so no other application like Tinder mod apk can give you the same features available in this app. But still, there are lots of features that cannot be tracked easily. But don’t be worried, we’re working on it to bring the best features for you. Till they are cracked, you can download this app and can enjoy the available features.


Android devices are fully functional for this app with a few variations. So it is not so much a difficult job to get this app installed on your android device. You must focus on your camera quality so that it performs well in capturing your photos to be put on tinder. This will definitely leave a better impression on the other people, this will enhance your chance to get a perfect match. This app requires permissions for your devices to use a gallery so that it can make your match perfectly.

Matching Interest for matchmaking

The intuitive/intelligent matching system lets you quickly create your profile, sort out your interests, and you can find your matches easily. The interest-based matching system, Tinder allows Android users to find a community who shares the same interest.  Get connected and enjoy chatting with your matches before you make a decision to go on a date with a particular person. Everything is done easily and effectively with the intelligent app.

Quickly finding Suitable/Right choice

This allows users to have the best chances to get a date, this offers effective concurrent features that focus on nearby targets before going to the next location. While you’re still able to see other people from different cities, but definitely it’s better to have someone who is near to you. You also have the choice to change this preference whenever you want.

Easy to Navigate

Users find the app extremely easy and very much accessible on most of the Android devices. You can easily dive into the experience which is hassle-free and very portable. With the simple matching and denying schemes, Tinder allows users to easily make a choice for their preferred profiles with multiple control options. Just make use of the commands as you accept certain matches, or swipe away to get rid of the person. Get ready to look for awesome dates and quickly manage a suitable date for the night.

Meet people around the world

For interested people, Tinder mod apk also offers the use of Passport for its exciting feature, which will manage to match a suitable date from around the world. So, as said earlier, it’s not just for the singles who’re near you. The app goes worldwide to match with other people from different countries with the same interest and hobbies as you. Just have fun and chat with your matches wherever you want. And if even you don’t end up in finalizing a date, it would still be a fun ride for you.

Rewind For Second Chance

As a second thought, if ever decide to go back to your ex and check out their profiles that for somehow you have rejected for some reason, now its’ also possible with the Rewind feature. Just scratch the list and check out those people, you might take interest in an old buddy that could be so interesting. Just Rewind whenever you want to give old someone a second chance and reinstate the dying relationship.

Be on Top for Better Results

As per your choice, this app provides a Boost option, which will let you to boost up your profile for a specific time. And during this time period, people with your interest will see your profiles popping up. Providing you a much better chance to get your matches. Just explore the various options and use awesome features as you further go on.

Be exceptional with Super Likes

In addition, increase your chances of getting matched by making uses of this feature like Super Likes, which label your profile with a unique icon each time you make a Swipe Right on different people’s profile. Take a dive into this exciting app and set yourself in a unique position where people see your exceptional stature to notice you.

 Tinder Mod profiles Manipulation

For those people who’re interested in this feature, the app also offers the complete option that lets you to easily manage your profiles. So adjust your interests and set preferences when it comes to getting the date. It just takes a few minutes to set up or completely upgrade your presence.  After this, you have a better chance to get a date that won’t disappoint you.

 Tinder concierge for perfect dates

And the last option but not least, for the Gold Tinder users, this app even provides you with a Tinder concierge which automatically bring all the best matches for you. You will get your own assistant in deciding whether should you go for a particular match or not.


Free to use

Even the app allows its user an effective interesting features, the app is free for users from all over the world. You can easily get the app installed on Android devices with ease. Just go to Google Play Store and install it without paying anything.

However, just like some other freemium applications, users must pay to get their Premium and Gold ticket, which would unlock more interesting and captivating features. Hence, if you want to bulldoze all this shit, you need to install our modified version of the app.

 Unlocked version of the app on our Site

Our Tinder Mod offers you complete access to all the Gold and Premium features without having to pay for monthly charges. Just enjoy your exciting dates with this awesome app available freely. All it takes is to download the Tinder Mod APK from our website, just follow the provided instructions, and you will not get bored.

Spam Profiles Issue

Despite the app is a great tool for Android users, and particularly for smartphone users in generals, searching for their perfect dates, there is still annoying/rubbish stuff that infuriates the dating community. As said, the most unpleasant thing is the amount of scam profiles that just want to prank and do nothing but to waste other’s time. And unless they do something about it, the awesome app can be sidelined pretty easily, And as a second choice, there are also plenty of capable contenders and apps in the market.





Final Word

For all of those who’re interested in finding a good date without wasting time on the traditional ways, Tinder is undoubtedly an exceptionally a great app.  You can get the match of your choice and spend some quality time. Use it in a constructive manner and who knows you may find the love of your life.

How to Install Tinder Mod Apk on Android.

  • Click on Tinder Mod Apk File & press Install and enable Unknown Sources.
  • Open the Tinder App.
  • Login with Social Media Account/Mobile no.
  • Verify your Mobile Number Via OTP.
  • Enter your details to complete your profile.
  • Allow Location to Enable Location.


Is Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold available in MOD Version?

YES. with our Tinder Mod Apk, you will get unlocked Tinder Gold and Plus.

Should I need to root my Android device?

NO. For Mod APK you don’t need to root your devices.

Is this Tinder Mod Apk 100% Free with No-Ads?

Yes, it absolutely free. No Ads pop-up in this app.

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