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A new game that can be played very easily. You control Super Mario Run by simply tapping as he runs. You should timely tap to carry out stylish jumps, spins, and wall jumps to collect coins.
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A new kind of game that can be played very easily. You control Super Mario Run apk by simply tapping as he constantly runs. Your should timely tap to carry out stylish jumps, spins, and wall jumps to collect coins.
Super Mario Run is also available for free, you get all the modes unlocked with no additional payment required. Try and test all the levels before you buy the premium one. Different modes are included like World Tour, Rally, Remix 10, and Kingdom Builder.


World Tour:
Make smart moves to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches!
Go through plains, potholes, and firths, ghost houses, airships, zeppelins, castles, etc.

Mario is not only a game but an emotional attachment for the 90’s kids. Be a Super Mario Run player and willing to unlock its stages, then definitely Super Mario Run Mod Apk is the perfect option for you. Unlock Luigi and enjoy the ride of World Tour with him absolutely free of cost.

Background of Super Mario Run Mod Apk

Super Mario is the 2nd version of  Mario Bros, here you have to manage your character. Your objective is to free princess Peach who is held hostage in Bowser’s Castle. Mario keeps on running so making smart moves and avoiding the obstacles in your way should be your priority.

There are different interesting modes available in which the most popular is the World Tour.  The World Tour is a challenging mode in which you have to extricate the princess Peach while facing extreme challenges like ghost houses, dark tunnels, and dead fields. Keep collecting the coins to gain rankings and attaining the 1st position on the leaderboard.

Mario Run also comes with an in-purchase option as well,  so to unlock the different levels in World Tour Mode they ask you to pay for it. So if you are a casual player of Super Mario Run apk just for fun, then spending money is not a wise decision at all.

We have come up with the solution to this problem, we bring modded version of  Super Mario Run apk game with Unlimited Money and many unlocked features.

Super Mario Run Mod Apk Features

Super Mario Mod is a mod or (hacked) version of the Super Mario Run game. If you play this version you will enjoy features like unlimited money, unlimited coins, free tickets etc. You also get a chance to unlock all 6 worlds without spending any credit.

This super exciting modified version gives you!

  • unlimited Coins
  • Unlocked levels
  • exciting courses
  • Unlock Luigi
  • long jump
  • Unlocked characters
  • Remix 10 free

You can play Super Mario Run apk with your friends ,add them with their username or send them a code. This game include 4 modes, World Tour, Toad Rally, Remix 10, and Kingdom Builder.

While rescuing princes, the 24 exciting courses should be completed, Meanwhile at the end, fight with the Bowser gives the gist of the game, if he gets defeated, then the nine-course special world gets unlatched. Different levels are to be finished. Traveling through different paths to redeem Princess Peach, and collecting colored coins helps you maintain your rank on the leaderboard.

You are also given the opportunity to build your own luxury empire in which you can erect buildings of your choice with unique decorations. All these options can only be managed if you collect enough coins and Toads.

Super Mario offers modes like World Tour, Remix 10, Toad Rally, Kingdom Builder, and series of adventures that gives unique playing experience to the users. These exclusive features makes this a game popular in the entire world.

Some features of Super Mario Run Mod apk are also discussed in this article of modded Super Mario Run game to help you better take a decision of downloading it.


Fully Unlocked Features

mario run

As any other freemium app this also includes  in-app purchases, they cost high but very important if you want to play all features so to bring solution, In Super Mario Run Mod, all the resources  are pre-unlocked, use them multiple times without paying a penny.

Free Coins

Coins play a key role in Mario Run. They are used for buying buildings, beautiful items, characters, premium appearances etc. Collecting coins in this game can be a vigorous task.

So in our mod version of  Super Mario “Unlimited Coins Mod” allows you to buy premium items.

All 6 Worlds Unlocked

In official version of Mario Run, we must spend real money to get unlocked World Tour Mode. Unfortunately, there is no other option given to make this move but spend some bucks. That’s why people need a version which does not charge them for these premium features. So we have come up to fulfil this need of the players so they don’t have to pay for it.


mario apk

Unlimited Lives, Characters

Super Mario Run apk involves multiple levels which need a long life but due to termination of one life we cannot continue to the next stage. So with unlimited lives we can survive for longer time and continue from the same point. But with the help of lives, we can continue with the same point where we left.

If you cannot fully make use of the powers of certain characters, they can be replaced with new one’s; Unlock other characters. In Super Mario Run Apk, Nintendo brings options for unlocking new characters, which are also highlighted in Mario series. Each character possess a unique ability.

Right now,   Different characters are included in the game. They are:  Luigi, Princess Daisy, Toad, Toadette, Yoshi, , Blue Yoshi, Purple Yoshi and Yellow Yoshi,Mario,Red Yoshi etc.  Some characters may not be available so you must unlock them with coins you earn.

Being Nostalgic

As Mentioned earlier, Mario Run holds an emotional value for some players, because it was first adventure game that they use to play in 90s. So when you play it now with your friends, memory will be refreshed reminding you of golden time you had in your childhood.

Extra Features

Smooth experience

Quality graphics

Challenging levels

Unique Jumps


Your objective in Super Mario Run apk is to handle Mario, keeps crossing the obstacles and challenges to reach the final destination. While running you must collect all the coins on your way, Super Mario Run has consist of a stop point. The game has been divided into several different Stages, you are bound to overcome many challenges to accomplish the mission. Every stage consists of 3 different levels including easy, medium and difficult. You have to conclude all of them if you want to unlock the new world. The difficulty levels indicates the effort you must put to get coins. There are stages, which allows you to play for limited times only and you even cannot collect the full coins. They are covert and placed in seclusion so you cannot see them easily but if you are able to make a high jump.

Coin Collection

Coin earning is one of the main highlights of the game. It’s not a piece of cake to collect the coins easily. You must struggle for them, like you need to demolish box or bricks to uncover them. They are often found under pits that is a scary thing to jump down. You can carefully go down, climb the wall, take coin and escape.

Coins are purple or pink. placed in places that cannot be predicted easily. You must play smart with good jumping moves to get them. After collecting the pink Challenge Coins, purple coins will be unlocked.

super run

New Challenges with Extra Fun

In the beginning, the game was easy, just to make the players familar. Gradually the level gets up, the difficulty increases with the playing level as every next step consumes the more time for completion.

Every level requires to collect five pink coins to step in for the next round. This measure the player’s skill to be active and showing keen interest in the game. By applying your skills it may take even less than few hours to fully complete Super Mario Run apk. The experience on android and iPhone is different from each other, as there are little control variations on the screen.

The advanced skills such as wall jumping with many other techniques are super easy which provides satisfied feelings to the player. Super Mario Run apk also takes you to a haunted house,  elements like trying to avoid Boos or analysing door is real or not, or many things kept to be used as trap.

It is a pity that customary mechanics of shooting blossoms and unique outfits are missing in Super Mario apk Run. They require the subsequent catch. The relief is that we actually have opportunity to become “unique” in a given period.

Characters Luigi, Toad can open for players to control, with abilities  unique in relation to Mario. The game screen closes when you hold the character to hop into the recognizable flagpole.

Eventually, the last phase of every world will be an opposition with Bowser or a “voyaging” on a same airplane in Super Mario Run apk.

Much More Than our Expectations

run mario

If you closely look at it, you will notice that its simply more than to experience the beauty. But in reality, it has more to offer you. You begin with the tiny area and it expands with Rainbow bridge. With the level up you are given access to unknown places. If you keep expanding the empire you enter into the entirely  new mini games, characters and secrets levels as well. Keep exploring different techniques and tricks to unlock the secret screens. Alot of invisible stuff is hidden in buildings near you. So if you sometime think Super Mario Run apk sound bizarre it’s not like that.

Remember to explore with Nintendo Point, Nintendo ID may help you unlock everything in the browser interface so that you can keep a track on your progress. Buying and breaking the Super Mario Run apk rewards 600 Nintendo Points. Free toad character can be received by exchanging points. You also earn coins, building things, and much more. It is plus point because  Mario Run does not sell virtual items. The tools are completely free of cost. Along with these, you earn a lot of points by easy quests in the game.

Super Mario’s Run Power

The initial phase of the game is very easy to understand. Mario runs,  jumps, pops the wall and jolt at the enemy’s head. If you only know these simple techniques,  you will definitely miss the hard coins and there are chances to fail in impressing Toad kids in Rally. After jumping, just glide down Doraemon’s bamboo pinwheel by clicking the jump button. This technique is very useful to dodge enemies. Take reverse jump by pressing jump button while rolling, perform climbing-jumping, and throwing enemies to take a high jump. These hidden moves drive the Toad kids go mad and help you search from the places unknown to you.

Be vigilant and Active

This is something we fail to notice initially, even it is highlighted in one or two game instructions as well. You get excited because the least you are told is to kill no of x character so that they will start giving you a lot of money if you play constantly.

The game does not  actually make it clear that you also have a choice to change characters, it is written in the menu section but in a little hidden style. Click  Menu> Notebook> and drag the curser to Characters to change the character. As 24th screen is completed, Princess Peach saved from Bowser, switch to play with this character.

Toad characters are free from MyNintendo. you need to build a new home. Every character has different skills, for example, Peach holds the ability to hover in the midair, or Yoshi has got some impressive swaying dance moves. You can utilize these moves to earn hard hit coins.


How to Download and install Super Mario Run Apk

mario mod

  •  First of all, click on Download Page button. After that, you will be redirect to the Super Mario Run mod   download page.
  •  Now, get your game by clicking the Download button.
  •  Now open File Manager and open downloaded Super Mario Run apk file. it may ask you for some permissions.
  •  Allow all the permissions
  •  Now  install the apk file.



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Final Views

Super Mario Run MOD apk has become a new phenomenon or not liked by masses, nothing can be said with surity. But the super Mario apk is definitely the attention seeker and is one of the few potential games that you would like to play on your smartphones.  It is very beautifully created and creative as Super Mario Bros. games.

Super Mario Run apk has a simple interface to play. Nintendo not only make it simple. Additional exciting elements and interesting challenges are integrated into it.

So peeps, I hope you got the latest version of Super Mario Run mod apk 2021 with all world levels unlocked with unlimited money. Now, you have got extra protection level from various monsters, defeat them and be the winner!

If you like mod version, then share it with your friends. If you face any issue in Super Mario Run mod apk, let us know. It’s fully action packed game.


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