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Welcome to an authentic, complete and surreal Cricket experience - Real Cricket™ 20. We strive to provide a rich cricketing experience to the Cricket Lovers.
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Real Cricket 20  – with this apk game you can play cricket on your gadget. Pick your group and bat, and go to the incredible arenas all throughout the planet. Everything about the match is worked out to the littlest detail, and designs and the executives.

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Cricket is huge in countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia, South Africa and others. It’s a sport similar to baseball in many degrees but unique enough to be different from it. There are a lot of real cricket 20 mobile apk games in the market today but only few are very popular.

To start with, it is about 3D ongoing interaction; players will appreciate a visual plan that is seemingly the most wonderful in this arrangement. That implies that in a large number of their items, Real Cricket 19 is utilized for the best designs. Additionally, all new and various highlights are incorporated like new pullovers, cricket bats and arenas, all with arbitrary climate for a superior drenching of the player. It is likewise intended to where your matches occur in the storm season will be deferred once more.


For those of you who are interested, you can now have fun with the awesome gameplay of cricket in Real Cricket 20, which features authentic and complete sport experiences with lots and lots of amazing adventures. Start the game by creating your own cricket team and find yourself advancing through the epic competitions, tournaments, and ranks.

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Explore realistic and engaging matches with lots and lots of impressive cricket actions. Enjoy authentic commentary with different language options for you to choose from. Unlock the special challenge mode where you can take on epic battles of history and play them your ways. Challenge yourself in epic cups and competitions.

Have fun with the exciting multiplayer modes, which will allow you to enjoy many exciting matchups with real players. Discover the innovative gameplay with added features to keep you engaged in the game. Unlock your customized matchups in different times of the day, authentic stadiums, match settings, and many other useful features with critical ops. All of which would help to bring the special game of cricket closer to you.

What is Real Cricket 20?

When you think of popular sports, there are tons of games that are dedicated in each of them. But only some are what you can consider the representation of the sports. For basketball, we certainly can’t ignore the NBA 2K series. This series represent the basketball genre as it’s well-loved by the people. As for soccer, there’s FIFA and for football – NFL 2K series.

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Then, there’s Real Cricket 20 which represents the game Cricket that everybody loves. This is a fitting representation of the game as it’s everything you’ll ever need and more. Real Cricket 20 is the latest version of this series and it’s been hyped up for months. If you know how to play real Cricket 20 apk, this one’s a walk in the park for you. But for first time players, the instructions are laid out in the game so you can already play it after a few practice matches. But overall, the gameplay is similar to baseball games.

What’s more in the Real Cricket™ 20 Mod Apk?

A game where you have to ace the cricket field and be the victor can become more engaging if the user is provided with an advantage. This is what the mod apk provides to the gamer in the form of the never-ending supply of money. With this, the gamer will be able to purchase the best of the equipment from the start and will enable them to take down and defeat the most difficult opponents and win endless trophies. The gamer shall be able to climb up the ladder to the top of the cricketing world faster and the mod apk shall eventually become a preferred decision for every android user.

With respect to multiplayer, it will likewise part a ton of more modest branches for players to pick without any problem. As a matter of first importance, the RANKED mode is consistently one of the top decisions for players. At the point when you pick it, you will doubtlessly need to construct a group yourself and go along with them in going up against different groups that are naturally coordinated by the framework. Shirts, logos and bat stickers and loads of different things will be given so you can change and tweak effectively, communicating your style. The UNRANKED mode gives you standard matches and players will pick between International, Masters or Premier League groups to begin playing against others.

real apk cricket

This is also considered the “backyard” of the RANKED mode because it allows you to practice without worrying too much. Make the most of everything to build a strategy that suits it. Then bring the tactics that have been well-trained in many areas to compete with the world. Match-ups with friends are also a small mode that many people care about because it is one of the most comfortable modes for you to practice everything. Or just friends gatherings and performances that show skills, for fun and ordinary entertainment. It is also a quick and fun way to connect friendship.

Features of Real Cricket 20

  • Whenever we discuss about android apps, we always wonder as in what actually creates a popular app. The answer to this question lies in the idea of user interface. In simple terms, it means the ease and convenience of using the normal features and gameplay by the android user. This is when the makers made it a point to design the game with one of the best user interfaces enabling every android user irrespective of the technical knowledge to enjoy the game with utmost ease.
  • After playing any android game, it is the usual scenario that the gamer gets bored of the gameplay which majorly happens because of the inability of the game developers to produce fresh gaming content and the continuous usage by the gamer. This problem is solved by the makers by designing gameplay which is based on the best gaming modes and difficulty challenging levels that shall test the specific skills of the users and keep them engaged.

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  • The gameplay is designed to be the best ever created and this is when the makers introduced the concept of real life IPL auctions which shall allow gamer to bid for their favorite players and create the best squad out there. So the gamer has to always have their strategy straight and know which player must be a part of their team. In order to outlast every kind of opponent, the gamer should have an all-around team excelling in every aspect.
  • The best thing about cricket is the championships. This is what the makers capitalized on by designing the tournament mode wherein the gamer shall compete along with the best team and players from all over the world for around 15 championships like the world cup and the Asia Cup. If you claim to be the best cricket player then you should definitely have these cups adorning your shelves.
  • The real cricket has the best licensed official equipment which means that you will have the best real-life-like 20 apk gaming experience. There is also an option of 3rd empire in the game and BRS system too for solving all the mystery surrounding out or not out. The game also has the best television-style viewing and replay features that add on the accolades. The game houses a vast collection of players and gears for you to choose from.

If you think this game is just an ordinary cricket 20 apk, you’re wrong. There are a bunch of different features that this game offers that you can’t find elsewhere. This is truly the epitome of a cricket game at its finest. Here are the features:

World Cricket Championships – In this game, there are a lot of championships including the World Cup, Asia Cup, Master Cup, Under 19 World Cup, World Test Championship, and Premier Leagues. These include the Indian Premier League, Big Bash Cricket, Caribbean Premier League and Pakistan Super League. You can participate in all of these matches provided that you can unlock them through constant gameplay.

Multiplayer – In this game, you can battle against the absolute best on the planet! The constant multiplayer interactivity permits you to have 1 versus 1 match with your positioned and unranked groups. At that point there’s likewise the 2 versus 2 player mode where you can collaborate with irregular players or companions to battle against others. There’s likewise the center where you can collaborate with your companion or an arbitrary player and challenge AI. Finally, there’s the Spectate mode where you can stream your companion’s live matches in any of the multiplayer sports apk

Game Modes – In this cricket, there’s rank and unranked real mode apk. In the Rank Mode which is the most popular, you will build a team yourself and join others in competing for victory. Your team will be automatically matched against other teams. Then there’s the unranked mode which includes standard matches which don’t include any customization but provide sufficient gameplay.

Realistic Graphics – When you think of franchise games such as NBA 2k games, it’s hard to imagine them having bad graphics. That’s what separates these games from other games out there. In Real Cricket 20, the graphics are as beautiful as the gameplay and you can clearly see the apk player’s faces and movements. You can play as the batsman and you can feel the exhilarating gameplay as the ball goes towards you at 90 MPH. This allows you to have a truly immersive experience.

Weather Generator – In cricket matches, they can’t control the weather. As the stadium is semi-open, you can see the sun during the day and the moon during the night. This gives you a different experience with every match. This is one of the features that other cricket games can’t replicate.

original cricket

Different Stadiums – In cricket, the stadium and the audience are half the fun. In Real Cricket 20, you can play apk  in stadiums such as Cape Town, Melbourne, London, Dubai, Mumbai, Wellington and Kolkata. Each stadium is uniquely designed and gives you a different feeling from others. This allows you the game to have infinite playability because players don’t get bored easily. The audience’s sound is also realistic as well.

Indian Premier LeagueThis is the only mobile cricket apk game in the market that allows users to play in the IPL Auction building. This allows players to have a completely unique experience playing the game of cricket.

Test Matches – In the event that you need to test your cricket apk abilities without the danger of bringing down your positions in the 20 leaderboards, at that point you can take part in test matches. In here, you can play with practically planned match conditions and ongoing interaction. With this accommodating component, players particularly fledglings can figure out the game without the force of genuine matches. This permits you to encounter what it resembles to play in genuine matches. This is likewise where you can try out your new bats or altered shirts.

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