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Now you are free to play Ludo Star Mod Apk. If you have got any suggestions to share with us, do let us know. This Mod will provide you every free resource to outrank your opponent easily...Enjoy!
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Ludo king (Unlimited Sixes)


If you are a Ludo freak and searching for a mod of Ludo King mod apk. You get the detailed description of the mod Apk also Ludo star mod apk from the given link for that Apk. In this version, you obtain unlimited coins, gems, and unlimited full shots (sixes) in this exciting game of Ludo Apk. These cheats will definitely make you a skilled player, there would be no one to beat you in the game. Enjoy this classic board game of Ludo King mod apk where you will get the chance to enjoy this game with friends circle, online gamers, etc. Pick your side and get indulge in your childhood memory. With Ludo King, gamers get access to many other exciting games that you can enjoy with your friend circle. Just Experience the fun of the classic game in a new manner which is digital.

Ludo King Mod apk is a very popular board game,  you can play it with your friends, colleagues, and family. You have to roll the dice and wait for your winning turn. Being nostalgic It is our childhood game and there are many people who simply love playing this game. Killing your boring time and start having fun while playing this game. This game may remind you of your childhood memories that help you remember the amazing moments of our past. It’s a multiplayer game and it runs on almost every platform like Android, iOS, Desktop, and Windows mobile platforms simultaneously.  Internet connection is not needed for playing this game. It allows both offline and online modes, you can play with friends or with the computer. Ludo King Mod Apk is a very renowned game and so many famous people love playing this game. There are many unique features available in it. Ludo King mod apk gives you some premium features free of cost. You can easily beat your friends and your profile will get to the top of the league. Ludo King Mod Apk consists of all the features which one wants in the premium version.

Ludo King Mod Apk:

Ludo King Mod Apk is a modded version of the Ludo King that contains all unlocked premium features. You get all the paid and premium features free. You receive unlimited money (resources) and unlimited gems. Ludo King is a was used to be played by Kings and Queens. Just flip the dice and throw it, your lucky no. will take you to win the game. Beat other players and become the winner. We used to play this game in our childhood when there were no digital devices available. We played it with our friends and family in a limited circle but now we have the access to play this game online, anywhere.

Ludo King introduces gamers to the fair play that prevent any hacks or cheats during the matches. So it will be almost impossible for hackers to exploit the game. The frequent upgrades are necessary to make the game secured.

In addition to it, the auto security mode keeps the game going and prevent hacks. Gamers spotted to be cheating will get their accounts banned. Gamers are guaranteed to play fair and enjoyable matches with Ludo King.

There are millions of ludo player lovers who play this game regularly and this game. Ludo King is an addictive game that is perfect to kill your free time. You never get bored while playing this game and can be played anytime, anywhere. In our childhood, we had a Board and tokens on it, but now this game is available on android devices and tablets so digitalization has taken over the physical game. The game is built for android and iOS devices. Internet connection is not necessary for ludo king, so offline version is also available.

How does Ludo King Mod Version works?

In Ludo King in the modded version, you get unlimited coins, unlimited gems. Coins are not generated but the coins and gems will increase by the bonuses and from the matches. Dice is actually hacked so you get sixes all the time. With this trick, you not only win every time but also get lots of coins and gems. Play big and win every match. This mod gives you daily bonuses. You get incentives to double your coins and gems if you watch in-game ads.

The Ludo King comes with 2 versions premium and free one. In premium, you get unlimited gems and unlimited skips. Unlimited gems provide you everything in-game and also you do not get annoyed at ads.. Every person may not afford the paid stuff so for them, we have this mod game in which all premium features are available. Ludo King Mod Apk will provide you everything you want in this game.

Ludo King Apk Mod 2021 Download

Now your wait has been over for getting unlimited resources, gems, and coins. Get sixes in every turn with this Mod Apk. Here you get the premium version of Ludo King which you can easily download. Ludo King Mod Apk is a complete free copy of the official game in which extra paid features have also been added. This version unlocks it completely and provides hacks and cheats within the game.  Developers hacked this game and now we provide you the best mod version of Ludo King. It works fine on all android devices. We are happy to share this working mod version with all of you.


For all the active and ludo enthusiast gamers, Ludo offers you some unique prizes that you will surely love it. You get resources by completing different missions and win matches against other players.  Just log in to the game to collect your rewards daily. Use these tricks to get different customizations and enjoy stunning effects.

Within the main gameplay, Ludo King also features some awesome themes and customization options, gamers can now unlock and apply these changes.  Play the classic Ludo King, Snake, and Ladders in various themes and customized boards.

Ludo King Mod Apk Features

Like Ludo king Mod Apk, there are many other card games like snake and ladder so it has been added in Ludo King also. The game rules are not tricky but simple. You start from 1 and have to reach at 100 points to win the game while preventing yourself from a snake bite or down-ladder slide. Just Escape from snakes because they will descend your progress.


If you want to play without ads, and access to in-game customizations and features, we suggest you download our mod version.  Follow the given instructions carefully and install it on your device easily.

  • Money and Gems: For the best gaming experience you must have money and gems in abundant quantity. Winning streak will definitely improve your stature in front of other gamers. With this mod, don’t waste your precious time in winning just small matches for money; with this mod version you get free money and you get unlimited coins also without even winning matches.
  • Ad-Free Game: Ads are simply annoying and no person wants to see them while playing games. In the free version, there are ads embedded in them because developers make money from these ads but popup ads that appear again and again are disturbing. To remove them, we bring you the mod version of Ludo King where you don’t see any advertisement. You will only get the best gaming experience, so your gaming experience will get boosted. You can easily play the game with full attention and without any fear of ads.
  • Infinite Sixes: If you keep on struggling for the sixes on dice in Ludo King and even then you don’t make it, then your lucky to have this mod version. Getting sixes multiple times can increase the chances to win every game. This game will now be controlled by you. This mod Apk will let you get infinite sixes and you can earn tons of coins and gems by this hack. Play with other players and start defeating them in Ludo King.
  • Support:  This is a MOD version and you may get stuck anywhere in the game, so we have arranged a platform that provides premium support for the players. You get support within the game to access the premium support. You can play locally where your computer acts as your opponent. If you face any issues you can contact us and we will try to solve your issues immediately.
  • Multiple Modes: Offline mode is the finest feature of the game and Ludo King (ludo star mod apk) has this feature where you can play the game even if you are not connected to the internet. You can join up to 4 players in local mode. Multiplayer mode gives you an option to play with multiple players. Offline mode, allows you to play this exciting game with friends and family. In every match, you get various out-of-the-box rewards and points to impress others with your winning streak.

Unlock Live Theme: Many paid themes are now completely unlocked in this mod version of Ludo King Apk. In the official version, you must complete live missions and other tasks to unlock these themes but the mod version gives you this free of cost. There are 100+ themes available free of cost in our mod version. User experience can be enhanced by changing the dashboard with these themes.

Ludo star Mod apk

Ludo king, as we know is a very amazing game to play in your leisure time. It is also known as ludo star mod apk but don’t you worry it almost contains the same options and thrill which you enjoy in ludo star mod apk.



This game features simple graphics yet the quality is maintained. The classic graphics make the gamer feels like a royal game. On top of it, the exotic graphics also make the game extremely addictive for gamers who play it on low-end devices.


With innate and crystal clear sound effects, Ludo King introduces its gamers to addictive gameplay that you can hardly find on any other board games of this category. You will find yourself immersed in enjoying the audio sounds in this game.



Q. Which Premium options we get in this mod Ludo King Mod Premium Apk?

You get all the premium features of the game and you will get all the paid features for free without even paying a penny. Get free premium support and an ad-free version also.

Q. Why should we choose this Ludo King Mod Apk?

This totally depends on your choice, if you can pay you can buy the premium version. If you want to play this exciting game but don’t have the buying power then you can simply download the mod version of the game and just enjoy all premium features totally free of cost. Every other person cannot pay to buy the premium games.

Q. Is it safe and secure for our device?

It’s completely safe and secure from viruses or any other harmful file. It is totally bug-free genuine Apk. It is fully virus-free so you must not worry about any security issues.

Q. How to get free coins and resources in the Ludo King game?

When you download this mod apk , you will get unlimited money, coins, and gems on your game dashboard. You need to do nothing to get unlimited coins and gems but to use our mode version.

Q. How to Block Ads?

The mod version downloaded from the link and with that version, you will not get any ad while playing the game. We have completely removed the ads and we have altered the source code of ads so you will never get any popup ad in the game.

Q. Is this the Latest Mod version of the Ludo King game?

Yes, it is the latest version of the game available right now. The latest version is most up to date. But if there will be any newer version of the game gets in the market, then our team will try to bring the mod of the game as soon as possible. We try to upload the latest version to keep our users up to date.


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  • Now play the game with premium and paid features without even paying a penny. You will definitely not face any issue regarding this mod of Ludo King. Get unlimited money, unlimited sixes, and unlimited gems. Get live themes of ludo for free. You can watch the ad-free version without paying for premium items.  If you face any issues then you must contact us and give your feedback. We will surely try to figure out the issue and solve it. We will try to solve your issue as soon as possible.

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Download Ludo King Mod Apk latest Android

With this addictive gameplay and other multiple board games to enjoy, Ludo King is one of the best apk Android games for those who take interest in classic board games. The simple rules devised and friendly gameplay also make the game suitable for people of ages. It can play a connecting role to unite your family, get together. The perfect game that can take us back to our childhood age. We should also introduce the new generations to old values, vintage, and the games which we used to play.


What's new

-Bet higher so win higher.
- Play Team- or individual
- Make Friends
- View the profile of your friends and group members
- Multiple Language Support

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