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The world is witnessing a different scenario after the first emperor's death. Different Lords are fighting for their lust which has shattered the world peace.
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Lords Mobile: (Kingdom Wars/Unlimited Money)


Lords Mobile Mod Apk is a very popular strategy game, has moved to mobile devices. Build an impregnable and undefeatable castle, manage and run your army, and attack your rivals, capture their territory.  If you are confident enough in your skills as a commander, then you can easily take-on and fight with other players from around the globe. Participate in battles where only tactics and brute force will turn the situation and brings you victory. Recruit and hire new soldiers and wear them with the best gear/armor. Use any force, war strategy, and tactics that can help you to defeat your opponent and come out as victorious.

IGG is a renowned game development company that basically develops strategic games.  This renowned company had developed various award-winning games like Lords Mobile, Castle Clash, and etc, which has given a very crucial competition to the most famous game Clash of Clans. It also Created various games ie,  RPG, Mobile Royale MMORPG, and Conquerors etc, which received millions of downloads. So, we can say that IGG is the best group for developing high-end strategical games for android phones.

Of all the creations of IGG, Lords Mobile apk is one of the most creative content since it contains the entire game plot as fascinating as the Clash of Clans.  You need to manage your own troops, train them, battle and try to win wars to conquer all your rival kingdoms.  It also contains stunning sound effects and a realistic game plot that will not let you bored while playing this extraordinary and thrilling game on your android phone.

We also provide you with a different or featured variant of Lords Mobile where you receive numerous features and benefits that are not available in the official Lords Mobile game. The Lords Mobile Mod Apk, and you can easily download it from the below link.

 Top Strategy game


If you love strategic games and like Clash of Clans and & Lords, then we are dead sure you must have listened about the IGG’s creation Lords Mobile. It’s the same game that you may have seen in many game ads calling Lords Mobile, Play Now. Seriously it’s the most entertaining game ever, we can also play it on  Computers.

Lords Mobile mod apk is the most thrilling game which allows us to customize castles, make new skills. Choose one of the best armies from your own trained troops and fight with your rivals and opponents. It contains over 50 types of troops that can join your army and can fight with all the opponents.

Lords Mobile includes features in-game purchases that include troops, powerful heroes, fake Alliances, as well as virtual money which you need to purchase via real money for making the game more uncomplicated and easy to crack.

This game is a simple strategical story in which you’re supposed to raise your own kingdom. Buy buildings and reproduction units to speed up the production capacity.  You also get 4 different types of battalions in 6 distinct formations which you deploy to combat regional powers. Lords Mobile apk also provides a feature where you can  Forge Alliances.


Lack of Resources

lords mobile

Lords Mobile is ranked as the top-free strategy game on the Google Play Store and also downloaded by millions of users. It’s an attractive game in which we can play with 3 friends. The only thing that annoys gamers is the lack of resources you get on the single win and the struggle needed to capture a vast kingdom. For all your troubles, we bring the Lords Mobile Mod Apk, which is a simple recreated or modded version of the official app.  We also have added lots of features in this version that will provide lots of benefits for you like enhanced damage, unlocked all premium features, better production rate, etc.

This Strategic game is basically a freemium game that consists of both the free and the premium benefits. These premium features help you in multiplying the number of events and enhance gift resources, New troops addition as rewards, etc. So to experience all these exciting features free of cost, download Lords Mobile Mod Apk below and let the fun begin.

Extra Power

A breathtaking feature of Lords Mobile Mod Apk is also the 20% enhanced and accurate attack,  you can destroy all your enemy troops more precisely. If you want to get this feature in the official version then you have to pay for it, whereas if you download from our platform you get it free of cost. Just Enjoy!!!

Lords Mobile is available on the play store absolutely free, and it does not require any money for engaging the troops and playing the guild challenges.  If you want to utilize in-game money, then you have to boost the production speed of buildings and army functions. This process needs a large number of diamonds, so we are providing you an extra 25% increased production rate free of cost.

Game Features


Compatible with all Android devices

Easy to install

Auto update

Unlock All Heroes

Totally Safe and secure

Unlimited Coins

Unlimited Resources

 Real-time, multiplayer strategy game

 Fight in with millions of players around the world!

 Spy on your enemies

 Discover an epic world in stunning HD graphics and 3D battle views

Upgrade buildings, research technologies, and do whatever it takes to build and customize the empire!

Lock your opponents’ Heroes in Prison and get a bounty

Unite your allies in powerful Guilds to conquer the world!


lords mobil

The story of Lords Mobile is not too complicated but solid interesting to keep you engaged. Before the fight, you train your troop’s ass per the mission. You select your troops, you direct them where to launch an attack. The main formula to beat the challenge is to the right troops in the right amounts. Also, this game is quite similar to reality so that there are chances that your soldiers will get fatigued and need to rest if you keep them engaged for a longer period of time.

Players have a chance to create their own kingdom and recruit their armies to battle against foes. Build a variety of different buildings for goods production and collecting resources. Fortify your base with strong walls for better protection.

Lead your armies to siege battles against others or challenge them. Unlock multiple tactics and levels to take on the enemies. Join friends and other online gamers as you dive into strategy gameplay Take a deep dive into the mythical world. Put yourself into battles with the monsters. Win against and come out as victorious as you are destined to create a powerful kingdom.

Building Elements

There are tons of base-building elements in this game. After defeating your enemies, you have the right to claim their land and build your stuff there. This includes things:

  • Lumber Mills
  • Quarries
  • Mines
  • Farms

These buildings actually tend to generate resources that can be used for the up gradation and troop training. All these things work like a real-world activity, so from construction to healing, the natural pace must be kept in mind.

Explore open-world environment

Gamers will get access to the massive in-game open-world environment with tons of different things. choose your kingdom, establish your castles, and start laying the foundation for a great empire to establish.

Make friends and ally with other gamers as you join forces to make your kingdom safe. Explore multiple locations. Pick up multiple challenging tasks with different requirements and great rewards. Exlplore multiple modes and activities in Lords Mobile, from defeating the enemies on the epic battlefield to the epic siege battles.

Rule as the absolute Power

Players get the chance to rule the kingdom as the emperor with sheer powers. Feel free to do whatever you want as the sole ruler of the people. Act like a king or a dictator as long as you feel like doing it.

Bring your kingdom to prosperity by building up strategic economic buildings, unlock multiple up-gradation, recruit powerful full troops to defend your bases. Win the battle against the enemies and take control of more territories.

the game also allows you to experience a great level of control with various options whenever you take control of new territory. Collect money by razing down the structures or give the people freedom and prosperity.

Build up your Army

In continuous conflicts and battles,  rulers should make their kingdom to prosper and this is only possible with a strong and trained army.  You must also raise a suitable army battalion with the right units for the people.

Each unit features unique abilities and powers which are suitable for certain roles in your armies.  you should build up a strong composition with balanced powers for certain tactical goals.

In addition, this game also features powerful heroes, they can lead you to battles and challenges your enemies. Each hero possesses unique skills, they are vital during each battle. For your tactical approaches, you can make use of multiple-unit deployment.

Gamers in Lords Mobile mod apk are also exposed to the unique monsters that you can capture, and make them play on your side. Make use of their abilities and powers to use them against your enemies and diversify your team’s war tactics.

Explore the tactical game


With the different teams to indulge in the deadly battlefields, gamers are given access to tons of available tactics and resources. Equip your armies with infantry, cavalries, units, and siege weapons depending on your enemies resisting power. Switching between formations or create your powers formation during battles. Remember, with good war tactics and setups, the battle can easily be won against powerful foes.

Tackle the enemies in real-time battle

For game lovers, Lords Mobile mod apk features exciting battlefield real-time fights, where you can actually experience epic army clashes against the enemies. Enjoy the awesome scuffle as you unleash lethal attacks and destroy your armies within seconds. Enjoy a fierce and addictive tactic wargame with satisfying visual experiences.

Open Choice

When you get bored with your current gameplay, just change the server. Switch to the new location and built a truly new empire. Dominate the new town as you establish yourself as the absolute ruler. It only takes a single step for you to completely change your game scenario.

Join Multiple Players

Along with the single-player options,  Lords Mobile apk mod allows you to join with other forces with friends and online gamers. Choose from an existing team or create your alliances and start the journey in Lords Mobile. Gather your teammates, allies, and get ready for an epic war.

Multiple Levels

the game includes multiple levels and missions, gamers will get access to plenty of exciting gameplay missions in Lords Mobile. Get yourself affable to the gameplay and rewarding missions. Take on the absolute cunning challenges/missions and collect fabulous rewards.

Free for all

With all these amazing features, the game is available free for all Android users.  You can easily get it from the Play Store without spending a penny. Well since it’s a freemium product, you must pay a certain amount of money for the in-game purchases for resources addition. The additional advertisements may annoy you.

Mod Version is a pleasant surprise

lords mobile

That being said, on the off chance that you wish to appreciate a less upsetting internet gaming experience with Lords Mobile, you should introduce our changed adaptation of the game. With the number of hacks and alterations and features that can undoubtedly get you around with the interactivity, you may feel more pleasant and open to playing this game. Thus, you should simply download our Lords Mobile Mod APK and you’ll be all set to enter a new amazing world.



Beautiful 3D graphics features stunning epic visual effects, Lords Mobile apk delivers extra realistic and immersive online gameplay for Android users, You are about to enter a truly amazing moments in the game.


Listening to a quality sound and music soothes the listening organs. It gives a powerful sound effect. It simply hooks you up for the whole time, you spend in the game.

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Mod in Lords Mobile

As Lords Mobile is an extremely famous game, it has in excess of 100 million players. Along these lines, there is a little possibility for you to get probably the best part of the game. There are numerous players who are spending a great deal of cash on purchasing diamonds and legends. You have basically no possibility of winning against these players. That is the reason you need to utilize our Lords Mobile hack application.

With our Lords Mobile MOD APK, you will get practically limitless diamonds and you will likewise open all the saints. Presently, simply envision how solid you’ll turn into. Envision flaunting your record to the entirety of your companions who are playing this game. You will intrigue them with your fight details. Having the most grounded legends and a decent procedure you will effortlessly get perhaps the best part in Lords Mobile game.

How to Install it

  • Install Lords Mobile Mod Apk file on your device
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Start and Enjoy the Mod.

Download Lords Mobile Mod Apk latest Android

For Pubg Mobile Mod APK and other similar game lovers, Lords Mobile is a great choice if you want to experience a new tactical game while still having the familiar strategic elements.

What's new

Rulers are together solid! Always remember that you need collaboration to make the fantasy work real!

Hence that we coordinated the [Unity is Might!] occasion! Changing Dark Essences to Gems, additional Guild Fest rewards, bonus and a lot more exercises for your entire organization to appreciate!

What's more, in addition, we will be opening the [Bargain Store] (requires Castle Lv.12). A store stuffed with amazing deals that restocks regular, do not miss...

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