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A very interesting game with beautiful graphics simple, yet eye-catching. If you are a Fruit lover then you will enjoy slashing different fruits.
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Fruit Ninja Apk an implausible famous game in which you play for a ninja, not against opponents, but simply you have to cut the fruit that up to the top, but be conscious,  you may get bombs. coins collection must be your priority, which helps in different improvements. The beautiful and realistic unique graphics enhance this game with vivid special effects. The Fruit Ninja mod apk very precisely test your reaction and finger agility.

fruit ninja

It’s for sure an old game but never gone obsolete. Fruit Ninja MOD APK, an arcade game with a plain and addictive interface, just get this from our link and master yourself to become the best ninja out there.


It is a fun fluffy game for World Vegetarian Day (Because it involves a lot of fruits and vegetables etc). Jetpack Joyride and fruit ninja have the same developers. From its launch in 2010 to now, this game has been very popular among game lovers, it has been downloaded more than a million times around the globe. Different changes have been made from time to time from its look to gameplay.

We can without much of a stretch pursuit and discover them on Google, for example, Fruit Ninja VR, Fruit Ninja in Boosts, Fruit Ninja apk Fight… every one of them have their own prosperity. Despite the fact that you can play it on various stages, Smart is still where the game is generally famous. By 2019 there were as yet faithful individuals to the game, even its downloads were consistently rising, not dropping. This is, truth be told, the gold mine of Holfaberg Studios.


Classic mode gives you typical gameplay, but now Arcade mode gives you more intriguing gaming. Sharpen your skills with Zen mode. Multiplayer mode allows playing against other players online.  Take part in Zen mode or join the attack in Classic mode choice is yours. If you play fruit ninja every day, you get the opportunity to receive daily prizes, vitiate such as special blades, daggers, etc. If you are new? Don’t know how to play? no issue, our support goes with you to reach your full potential. The objective is simple – just rend fruits as more as possible, and be careful to avoid bombs, explosives. Your excitement level goes high when you slash a bunch of colorful fruits. When your aim goes wrong, missing too many fruits or cutting the bomb, it will lead the game to early end.

Your finger is presently a sharp sword of the ninja. Use it to make delicious slaughters with 3 exemplary game modes that numerous individuals know and love. Arcade mode, Zen mode, Classic mode are diverse with three energizing modes that players can undoubtedly recognize by the reason and season of playing the game.


  • Classic
  • Zen
  • Arcade
  • Event
  • Mini-games
  • Challenges

In Beginning, the Fruit Ninja apk allows you to play only Classic Mode. You must slash as many fruits as possible, simultaneously avoiding bombs.

At level 2, you enter Zen mode. This is a mode that makes you relax. No bombs,  stress, and penalties for you. Keep playing until you get bored.  The Arcade mode gets unlocked at level 4,  a slicing combo brings a great feeling. Try to achieve the highest score by performing maximum combos. Double slash Score, Freeze, and Banana Frenzy to maximize your points.

You can unlock Event mode when you reach level 9, Mini-games at level 6, and Challenges mode at level 8. You have to counter and defeat the talented Ninja when playing Events such as Han, Mari Truffles, Rinjin.

Online Mode gives you the opportunity to challenge other players from the globe. To enter this mode, the game requires an active internet connection.

Blades and Characters Unlocking

You can unblock some characters in fruit ninja like Truffles, Nobu, Katsuro, Mari, Han, Rinjin. Golden Apple helps you buy these characters.

Few blades  can also be unlocked in Event mode, they can be used in Arcade and Classic mode

  • Bat Blade: This sword is capable of releasing multiple bats when you slash a fruit.
  • Ancient Yoyo Blade: It performs longer when slashing pomegranates.
  • Michkillya Blade.



Fruit Ninja apk operates with two main currencies.

1-Starfruits: You get a specific amount of Starfruits when you complete a match. Starfruits will help you in buying           some in-game items.

2-Golden Apple: The premium currency of the game. You can buy them in cash.


Fruit Ninja apk is a game for fruit enthusiasts. You will join a world that is loaded with a huge amount of fruits such as bananas, melons, pineapples, oranges. You do not need high-quality 3D graphics or high-end devices to play this addictive game, even the 2D graphics of the game are so catchy that they can impress any player. Visual pixels and sound quality when you actually swipe the screen provides a feeling of a very sharp sword, which can cut everything. Striking and dynamic 3D graphics, Fruit Ninja apk presents the game lovers slashing and superb gameplay with its smooth and satisfying animations and graphics. On top of it, the sharp colors and improved visual effects also makes the game extra realistic and mesmerized.


With rational and accurate sound quality, Fruit Ninja take gamers to truly immerse themselves in the epic fruit-slicing encounter. Combined with the pragmatic and high visual elements, you get a feeling of actual ninja accompanied in his journey.


The fruits goes into the air, moves to the top, and when falling, it will fly slowly for a few moments. That is the right time to punch or slash as many combos as possible.

You can make use of multiple fingers at the same time to slash more and fruits. But this tactic is also dangerous to some extent as t may bounce back for you. The fingers may hinder your screen view. But the probability and chances of exploding a bomb also gets higher in fruit ninja apk.

Fruit Ninja Features

Simple handling with straightforward game

As described above, the game is very simple to play and not complicated. So,  game lovers will quickly get familiar with the game right after they give it one try. However, it may consume some time to overcome the challenges that are not definitely easy to complete, specially when you get to the higher modes.

fruitninja mod

Obsessive game modes

You also get many different and unique game modes in Fruit Ninja apk. Featuring Classic mode where your focus remains on slicing down as much fruits as you can before running out of lives. And if you are interested in hassle and abrupt gameplay, then the Arcade mode will suit you the best.

You may love the fruitful modes Zen mode, where you get the freedom to slash everything appearing on the screen. In addition, the fruit ninja apk also features the exciting event and challenge mode where you face unique challenges and get some quests to earn unparallel rewards. Fruit Ninja entertains the players with the most fun.

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Fanaticism to slice up challenges

Making fruit-slicing challenge more exciting, entertaining, and rewarding, fruit ninja also features Frenzies that you can cut down. This actually enables multiple effects and hoaxes in the game, such as suspending the time, improving scores with bonus points, and providing awesome fruit explosions with multiple fruits to slash.

Incredible combos for exciting buffs

Additionally, you get to perform awesome fruit-slicing combos that result in exciting buffs to be unlocked. Enhanced points, extra time, dynamic slashing effects, etc. Keep getting combo chains for more bountiful and exciting rewards.

Multiple quests and tasks to unlock rare rewards

Along with the main game, ninjas are allowed to pick up multiple quests and achievements so they can unlock unique rewards. With new buffs, customizable items, slicing effects, and more features, etc. Hence your excitement level goes up with these quests and unique levels.

Unique slicing effects

Developers in fruit ninja apk, have added multiple slicing effects such as the butterfly slices or the steely slices. Each of them has its own sensations and charisma, that allows you to vary the game as you want.

fruit apk

Entire World as the Playground

For those who’re hoping to have their Ninja abilities and capacities tried by the genuine gamers, Fruit Ninja additionally offers energizing web-based ongoing interaction for you to appreciate. That being said, you can begin by having energizing PvP fights with companions and other gamers from everywhere the world. Moreover, for a more genuine ongoing interaction, the epic leaderboards are the place where you can rival the best gamers. Challenge your adversaries in positioned fights and win against them to progress on the table.

Free to play

With unique and exciting features, still, the developers have made the game free for all game lovers to enjoy on their mobile devices. That’s all, you can download the fruit ninja apk from the google store if you want to get the official version but for mod or the fruit ninja hack, download from the link given below.

Unlimited Money

The fruit ninja apk is freemium entity, with some in-app purchases, and ads that you might find irritating. If you want to remove them then get our mod version. Just download the Fruit Ninja Mod apk from our link and get it installed by following the given instructions. You will then have full access to unlimited money/resources with the ad-free gameplay, which would definitely make your Fruit Ninja apk adventure more enjoyable and smooth.

Mod Version Features

Unlimited Starfruits and Golden Apples, In the beginning, you get 50 Golden Apples and almost 1000 Starfruits. After each match, you receive a number of Starfruits depending on your achievements as rewards and the number of times you performed slicing combos. Maybe this number is small as compared to the prices of some in-game purchases. Our Fruit Ninja apk hack gives a lot of Golden Apples and Starfruits in reward. However, there is a little glitch in it, you cannot play Online mode in MOD version. For fruit ninja official version go to playstore.

How to Install

Install the Fruit Ninja with the same procedure as you install other regular APK files.

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Download Fruit Ninja Mod Apk latest 3.1.0 Android APK, iOS

Fruit Ninja apk is a fun game, suitable for almost all age groups. It is very enjoyable specially when you are travelling by bus or relaxing at Starbucks. We give you Fruit Ninja MOD APK file.  Download the game for free from the link given below. The game is undoubtedly one of the best game available on Android platform. Especially when you have free access to the unlocked gameplay.

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