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We are again behind the wheel of a car among zombies. We should get to the other end of the country where our rescue ship stands. But on our way we have to face many obstacles, cities, zombies, deserts.
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Earn to Die 2 Mod + COINS


Earn to Die 2 is the continuation of the previous zombie action game, in the previous version of the events tend to develop during the time of the zombie apocalypse. As you make progress, you only have a broken carriage but you can turn your vehicle into a real battle tank. The gameplay is a familiar principle to the previous one, destroy zombies and collect money and prizes. Graphically, the new version “Earn to Die 2 mod apk” is made in a pleasant style, and developed locations perfectly portrays the overall atmosphere of the game. The only hope to survive is to hide in a fortified city.


The survival finds the call of the military, speaking on the last surviving channel. He should make a desperate breakthrough to the path which is blocked by cruel monsters. He can rely on his own skills, abilities, and his car to escape. Get it from play store

Developers in Earn to Die 2 have not changed the interface compared to the previous game.  On the right, the keys for acceleration, and pressing on the left takes your “iron horse” in the air. You may get out of fuel because you have a very limited supply of fuel. For survival, you must realize the potential of your car, without getting tired of getting additional improvements. So, the car with a larger gas tank, auxiliary armor will be beneficial for you.

The additional acceleration module helps you to quickly get to the target, and remote weapons help you to shoot enemies before they get closer to you. Spare parts are not free so they must be earned by constant raids through hordes of beasts. Earn to Die 2 apk is a brutal game that will please racing fans.

Earn to Die 2 Mod Apk Features


  • 2D racing game
  • offline option
  • cool vehicles
  • developed locations
  • Smooth controls
  • Easy gameplay
  • Multiple mode options
  • Moded features
  • Destroyable vehicles
  • Smooth Controls
  • Mod Features
  • Armed vehicles
  • The prices are modified to 0.
  • The unlimited gold coins.


The game story is long and exciting, adventurous in a city full of zombies. It provides you with more choices.  mean different adventurous gameplay and zombies with different powers.  There are many difficulties, whether you can get through the siege depends on your car skills. Create your unique killing machine, vehicles and the weapons that can be loaded are different, upgrade your vehicle perfectly, and don’t leave any chance for zombies to take over you. The city is ruined, with roads tempered, every step is difficult and dangerous, and vehicles could be destroyed.

The developer of Earn to Die 2 apk said has announced that the Mission mode would soon be available to players. There are some interesting features of Earn to Die 2 apk. The new Story mode is at least five times longer than the original version. There is a city background with multi-level levels. Take your car through highways, tunnels, and kill zombies, super extra cars, including sports, cop, and even semi-poor vans! keep upgrading them! Do not take your car for granted. Durability wears down with time.

Players will get smooth gameplay as it has placed the control buttons at positions for smooth operation. With the gas and rocket trigger buttons on the right, brakes are located on the left, which is very convenient for players to operate.



This game has somewhat similar features to Hill Climb Racing. Your ultimate goal is to survive the deadly terrain instead of defeating others to win the championship. In fact, you can’t survive in this game. Overcome all the dangers to reach the final point, that means you stood tall. In Part 2, the Story has been upgraded and promised to be at least five times difficult and tiresome than its predecessor. The greatest fun when playing Earn to Die 2 apk is what terrible happens on your journey. There are a lot of obstacles, hurdles, zombies, pitfalls, and holes to hinder your journey. In fact, one of the above reasons is more than enough for you to die.

Players feel a sense of smoothness when playing earn to die 2 apk, and the navigation buttons are placed in positions for handy and easy control.  The gas pedal and rocket trigger buttons on the right,  brakes are positioned on the left, which is very convenient for players to manipulate and maneuver the vehicle.

With every try, you go along or short distance, depending on the power of the car and engine that you equipped with. The player will receive the throttle and power based on the distance covered, which helps the player to upgrade the vehicle’s equipment.

Until your car is powerful to complete a racing stage, there are many mesmerizing racing scenes with a large map available for you. keep upgrading the car to bring superior power to tackle the game challenges.



It is a super easy fun game to play, just complete various stages in the game keep hitting boxes, barricades, and killing zombies. These are some points in Earn to Die 2 Apk that should be kept in mind

  • Keep your vehicle in acceleration.
  • Keep control while going down.
  • Use Boosting when moving upward upwards.
  • Keep engine upgrading and Transmission, it will boost performance.
  • Use the latest guns for killing zombies.
  • Try to cover the maximum distance to escape.


Controls buttons in Earn to Die 2 Mod Apk 2020

  • Arrow keys.
  • UP key for acceleration
  • For tilt, use the left/right key.
  • ‘Boost’ and ‘Acceleration’ buttons available.

Keep an eye on fuel

First, you play with an old and cheaper car. With the given amount of fuel, you can move to a little distance to the right side. In Earn to Die 2, you have to struggle to go even further. Use brakes, effectively to control and balance the vehicle, avoiding colliding obstacles. Kill zombies blocking the way by crashing into them.

You get money corresponding to the distance traveled, the zombies you kill, and the impressive maneuver. Use this money to modify your vehicle or buy some accessories and weapons. You must travel a long distance and reach a safe point. Remember, if you run out of fuel it means death for you.

Unlock new vehicles

earn to die

In this version, Earn to Die 2 apk has 10 different vehicles available,  cars, trucks, fire trucks, or even an ice cream truck. Unlock new cars,  equip them with the most powerful and lethal weapons.

Earn to die 2 mod apk all cars unlocked

  • The game includes vehicles like
    • Lincoln Continental
    • Grumman-Olson Kurbmaster
    • Chevrolet Tahoe
    • Ford Crown Victoria, etc.
    • Lamborghini Diablo
    • Caterpillar 773 D
  • Earn to Die 2 Mod Apk introduces a new story mode.
  • This story is longer than its predecessor.


    • Across highways.
    • tunnels.
    • Areas are full of zombies.

Armed Vehicles

  • Now you can make your vehicle lethal than ever with
    • Mounted guns
    • Boosters, etc.
    • Guns
    • Armored frames

Mod Features

  •  Earn to Die 2 provides
    • Unlimited money
    • Cars unblocked
    • Free Shopping


Earn to Die 2 has significantly upgraded graphics compared to the previous version. Everything is more elaborate and clear, with more realistic images. The movement of the vehicles is also very refined. The image quality and screenplay are really impressive.

The graphics are detailed by the developers,  the race tracks, obstacles, and zombies built vividly clear.

The unique thing is emphasizing on the car with its eye-catching features and the special equipment designed to create strength.

Sound is also a factor contributing to the attraction of the game growling of the engine, the realistic sound when the car crashes into obstacles, sweeping zombies, or when the vehicle is amazingly harmonious to create the attraction for players.


You are ready to go, just rush towards your destination. Entering the game screen, the overall image expression is good. The old city view, the gray sky against the ruined high-rise buildings, looks even more desolate and charming under the sunset.

On top of the screen is the route map of each level.  The route map is a straight line, with gas stations marked on it. The last car signal tells us to continue driving to finish as early as possible. There is of the messenger in earn to die 2 apk that the five hundred rushed forward. On the left side of the roadmap is a bullet sign. If you get equipped with the latest weapon, the remaining available ammunition is displayed here. Since it’s a racing game so the main point is not the ammunition, upgrading weapons can only increase the ammunition.



With this new entire gameplay, the car is also exceptional and unique. Unlike conventional racing cars, to confront the deadly zombies, it is equipped with individual parts such as cannons,  propellers, and the sword at the car top.

Powerful equipment does not come free, so go through each level to collect money and upgrade your car. There is a good deal of other exciting stuff, and different vehicles with distinctive features from racing, police, and even ice-cream cars to bring excitement and pleasure. While participating in the game, you will control your car on a challenging journey with different locations, high slopes,  obstacles, dangerous traps, and zombies. Earn to die 2 apk divides the tracks into various segments. With passing stages, the game saves the results continuously, and you will remain in the protected position the next time you log in. If you cannot complete a course, you will be returned to the initial stage.

Control Panel

Four primary control keys, tilt, speed up and boost. The Boost option appears only when you shop the Boost tool from the garage. The tilt keys give control to overcome rough ramps and alignment to prevent the vehicle from overturning. Earn to die 2 apk has no “game over” so stop worrying about losing. Unfortunately, if in a match you overturned the car, you can do it again the next time. Finishing the game will be based on the number of days you have to spend to reach the destination.

Also, in the game, you will be given a certain amount of gasoline to reach the destination which you can buy more in the Garage. The difficulty of the game screen will increase when you encounter the harder Zombie and stiffer obstacles to hinder the way to your destination.


Players drive the vehicle to go through obstacles and knock out all the zombies. The game is a very interesting story waiting for you to break through the zombies. The gameplay is easy and fun, keep strengthening your vehicle. Earn to Die apk gives players an exciting game. Like other racing games, you do not have to fight with other players to win the game. But the real competitors are terrain, roads, just kill zombies.

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Zombie the finest game has become the talk of the town, videos as well as games. The social myth about the day when zombies erect and attack us more significant than zombie games is more and more popular.

Launched this year, but Earn to Die 2 MOD APK is a game very underrated. With its simple 2D graphics and excellent gameplay, this game will definitely grab a large audience.

Despite the simple images, the story is also straightforward, but Earn to Die apk 2 is an actual fun game, and it’s not about winning or being consumed and the factors to be quick and fast. This game is for every game lover, it’s a casual game suitable for everyone.

While playing Earn to Die apk 2, you will experience and feel the fierceness of each race You must fight and control your car through the dangerous tracks, against the zombies. Play the game and feel the excitement, things that the game brings on you.If you love racing then you will definitely love hill climb mod apk.

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