DEAD TARGET | MOD APK (limitless Cash/Gold)

In the wake of Apocalypse, you are one of the survivor to combat with the zombies to save mankind from perishing. You must use your shooting skills to eliminate this threat to humans.
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DEAD TARGET MOD APK (Unlimited Cash/Gold)


Gear up! to take down zombies and show your shooting skills with other buddies in an interactive game Dead Target Mod APK.

Involve yourself in a shooting challenge to be among the survivors. Join the other millions of players all around the world to make this world safe and secure from the deadliest zombie attack. You are living in 2040 where the lust for power has almost destroyed this beautiful world. So in the end every lethal arm such as biological weapons are used which infect the living things.

Luckily you survived and now fight with the most sophisticated and advanced weapons. You fight for people and for your survival. Enjoy this epic shooter game developed by VNG GAME STUDIOSAction. Our Mod version allows you to use some extra features which will enable you to fight more vigorously.

Game History

You find yourself in the year 2040, and unfortunately, World War III has struck the world. The living style has been totally changed due to the horrific consequences of the deadly war. People are nervous because their mind is filled with terror and fear. They left their homes just to survive. There is complete chaos prevailing around the globe as the different countries are in a mood to eliminate the existence of other countries. The fight is accelerating as the troops face each other on the borders.

It becomes almost impossible for people to visit these war-hit areas. Suddenly this news breaks that the virus little known to the world is released which is consuming every survivor and now traveling towards the mainland.

For the world to last and for the survival of mankind!..that’s the time for you to join others in this battle with the most modern arms. Next is your ability how you take down these zombies. The fate/existence of this world lies in your hands now.

What You Get

You get all the thrilling experiences and fun which you expect in a shooting arena.

Survive the deadliest wartime as you are supposed to eliminate the threat. You are left with one option, to fight and struggle to survive. You lose and humanity is on the verge of annihilation. Get your desired guns and go for the assault before zombies clump you. Stay vigilant all the time and keep taking down the zombies with your best shooting skills. If you are interested in racing game you have to try our other category.

Zombies With Different Swag to Test Your Aptitude

This thrilling game puts you in a tiresome situation where you are tested to the best of your abilities. Zombies with different powers and shapes come and you have to face them, so in order to tackle this situation, you have to follow a certain approach that should be the best of this kind.

As you cross a certain level you find out that more and powerful zombies come in your way which is more vicious. You are supposed to use more advanced weapons to drive them out of the land so the area becomes secure for other people.

Zombies may bring the bosses as well, who will be more dangerous and lethal to fight so you must be prepared for uncertain situations. Control your nerve and keep fighting. There could be some weak points of the powerful zombies, you need to analyze it so it would be easy for you to handle this situation.

Use Powerful and Unique Features in different Guns and Weapons

While fighting with zombies sometimes it becomes difficult to handle so many zombies at once. At this point Dead Target allows you to utilize some special features. It will give you access to multiple weapons that have special features and work with better precision. It enhances your shooting power so your precision becomes more deadly.

You are given the guns in different categories i,e assault rifles, sniping rifles, rocket launcher, shotgun, grenade launcher, etc. Weapons can be upgraded so your weapons are totally changed and become perfectly suitable for the situation. You have to be the master of using them, so their true potential is exhausted in an effective way.

Advance Boosting That Could Actually Flip the Situation Entirely

You get advanced machines and weapons but something is missing that is power-boosting, you get power packs which intensify your skills and power against zombies. This could rehabilitate your damages, your fire range becomes double triple. These extra supportive tools help you a lot to fight with more valor.

Attempt Multiple Challenges So You Get more Rewards like Cash/Gold/Weapons

apkcover dead target

Participate in different challenges and try to opt for different levels so you receive different bounties in the form of cash, gold, more weapons, you get useful weapons and items that are very essential on the battlefield. The more aggressively you play against the different monsters your experience goes up and you attain a certain rank is assigned to you. As you progress goes up different machines and levels are unlocked. You get cool items on your list which become supportive in your journey.

Different Venues Available With Completely different Gameplay

It offers different maps and venues, it allows you to have a totally different experience with a new look and charm. You are playing and killing zombies in highrise buildings, a large open battlefield, and many more locations are unlocked as you proceed further. Get familiar with the terrain and choose the best and suitable approach to deal with your enemy.

Your shots should be targeted and precise so that wastage of time is minimized. Different arsenal like rockets and grenades could be unlocked so that they could be sent to the places where it is impossible for you to go physically and target hiding zombies.

Play Without Internet

That’s the crunch of this epic game that allows you to enjoy your quality time even if you are not having a net connection or your net speed is too slow. You can totally enjoy it offline without any hassle and whenever you go online your game score/level will be automatically saved. That’s the portability you can enjoy it on the go.

Compete the other Gamers/Online Players

Of course, this game allows you to team up with other players around the globe. You can either join them or even compete with them to save this world being consumed by zombies. So challenge the other players in the leaderboard shooter games and it decides who will sit on top and make it to the hall of fame. You can easily share your gameplay with your family and friends on social media. You can also invite them to come online and have a fun game with you.

Get levels/features Unlocked with our Mod Apk

This game is freely available on the google play store. The more you play it, the different levels will be unlocked gradually. We have unlocked the game to the maximum level so you can get access to all of its features at first so you don’t have to wait and play every level to get it unlocked. It gives you paid weapons-free of cost, an ad-free game, and many more free exciting features.

Sound /Music and Graphics Quality

This game features highly impressive visual quality for android phones. You will get quality graphics on your mobile device. You will shoot in high-quality resolution with powerful visual effects.

If your device does not support high-quality resolution then this game has an extra feature that will automatically lower its pixels so that it becomes adjustable with your mobile and you don’t lose the thrill to play this game.

you will experience the real blood shoots, real environment to hunt these predators/zombies which will take you to a different world.


Dead Target MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds/Guns

In our mod version, you get unlimited resources like free diamonds which are utilized for different tasks. In order to be capable of fighting the deadly apocalypse, you get guns unlocked as well. It allows Dead Target cheats as well.


Dead Target Unlimited Gold

Dead target free gold, you get free resources in the game,  so you don’t have to miss the heat and you can feel the enthusiasm in the game.


Download Dead Target Mod APK For Pc

People with shooting skills and zombie hunters will really admire this game and definitely find this game quite addictive. So get yourself ready to challenge yourself in this world of shooting.

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Download Dead Target Mod APK For ios

Play this vehement and intense zombie FPS shooting game on your iPhone with Zombie.

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You get exciting features like gold, money, and diamonds unlocked free of cost. This is really interesting.

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