How to Make Money with Clickbank in 2021

Clickbank is considered one of the best and highest affiliate network. They have some scammy products, there are some vital products too. So, we show you how to make money with Clickbank. This is a completely free method if you run a WordPress blog.affiliate-clickbank

If you don’t have a website, you must create it. It seems impossible to make money with ClickBank without a website.

But here we teach, how you can make money with ClickBank.

Sign Up:

The first step is you sign up and you need to create an account on Clickbank to make money. So you click on sign-up here and create an account, ClickBank is going to ask you for some information. They may ask you for your name, your address all that stuff, and also going to ask you for your banking information. This is fine ClickBank’s been in the business around for 21 years. They’re not going to screw out anything. It’s reputable long-lasting profitable.


It doesn’t matter what your nickname is. Your nickname is your account identifier. And once you pick it doesn’t matter it’s not public information. So when you sign up you’ll come to a dashboard where you see money earned on Clickbank.

Niche Selection

You need to choose your niche you want to go over to their marketplace on a little link-up or if you’re on the ClickBank home page, you’ll see the marketplace option.

Product Selection

Clickbank Marketplace contains all the products you can make money with. You see many products, there is also a search box where you can find products, but you can also find products in the categories area on the left side. This is where you can find the Niche that makes money for you, in marketing and sales everyone talks about how to find your Niche, but I say you must find passion first. I’m going to give you my two cents on Clickbank and strategy to earn money.

Promotion Making

You know, what does make sense for me is to make money and afford the freedom with Clickbank, just doing what makes money and then going to the other things but let’s assume that you would need to find something that you’re comfortable doing marketing. You can choose your category here. If you’re interested in cooking food and wine, you can click on that category and you can find products to sell that will pay you Commissions in the cooking food and wine category. Now, let’s say you wanted to promote a specific product that can make you earn $22. Every time you recommend this product from ClickBank to somebody and they buy it you make money which is great. You can make a pretty good income by affiliate marketing. Now look for the product know product that has the most popularity on Clickbank which makes a reasonable amount of money.
This product gravity indicates how many other people are successfully selling. This gravity indicator tells us how well it sells and money is generated, Clickbank may deduct its commission.
Do you want to sell what’s already selling? So let’s promote a product. Now the next step we found our Niche we found the product or the offer. We want to promote to generate money. Now, the next step is you go to this button ‘promote’ right there. This is where you will get your money link to promote boom and this is the account nickname for your Clickbank account.

Link Creation

But let’s just click generate hoplink and will generate your link. Let’s see how it works. So just click tracking ID email and click generate public. So this is your hoplink so I can click it to copy this. We’re going to take this link and the next step is we must post it on different platforms. Clickbank link allows you to put your link on other platforms, when somebody click this link and buy this product so you make some money.

Promoting Money Products

Other people will open it and click on that link. Now that is a very simple way of getting your ad and traffic and buy now promote this.
Just go to the most popular products in the ClickBank Marketplace and what we see here is the flat belly fix and this product pays out almost double the gravity almost double the number of people are selling this product compared to the other product. So what I do here is I click on their affiliate page and I could get some email swipes from these people. So it’s this click for email swipe the flat belly fix and here they give us the top creative. S so I’ll click promote. I’ll click email generate hoplink copy and I will highlight a Very simple method now. You could also go above and beyond you could actually write a post on Facebook. I post the same thing I could do. I could post my link in there and I put same information. And I post this to my friends and it would link to the flat-belly fix so you could do a lot of things to get people to your affiliate link see and once it populates within Facebook,  It is a method of getting traffic completely free. I’m not sure this but it is I do suggest you do it get started. Now the best way to do affiliate marketing is to do advertising with Clickbank and generating some money.

This is how affiliate marketing stuff now works, let’s say you’re posting your link on email on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram. Let’s say you have multiple apps for your posting it in Facebook groups or posting it in forums or whatever you’re doing you can put an identifier so you can figure out where each link came from and you can actually be able to tell exactly who clicked on your Clickbank link where they came from and you can optimize your advertising let’s say emails you sent, make you the most money.

Probably want to focus your efforts on that email or let’s say you had five Facebook ads telling people they could lose weight and to check out the key degenerate flat belly fix and only one of the ad is generating sales. You’ll want to cut the other for ads so you’re left with the one winner. That’s generally how it works out and you just keep cutting the red and you figure out what marketing message work what groups of people work the best to show your ads to and you optimize based on that until you are making as much money as you want to be making now.

After putting up a post and getting people to just be clicking on your affiliate link just start baby steps at a time get your first commissions and then get more until your business starts to become bigger. Don’t put the cart before the horse take it one step at a time.

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Making money on Clickbank could be an easy task if done in a smart way. You may not get sales in the beginning as you expect but consistency is the key to success.

If you promote your website with the help of different platforms as mentioned above. I can guarantee ClickBank will start paying you off with a handsome amount of money in a short time.

Don’t quit and keep trying. Don’t follow the others who failed. Try to be different from others.

If you get exhausted, meet a person having 9-5 job and ask him about financial status. if he gets time for vacations, outings, family and other things.


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