How to Advertise on Linkedin

I will teach you how to advertise on LinkedIn ads. You should figure out whatever your goal is. We will set up your page, an ad account, and then we’re going to actually set up some ads.


Linkedin ads is a kind of interesting Network that I’ve experimented with. So the thing you want to do is figure out what is your goal with advertising on LinkedIn? Are you trying to find employees for a job or you trying to get press for yourself or you trying to make money through affiliate marketing or through selling a product now, if you’re trying to make money through affiliate marketing Linkedin’s kind of hard there are some serious restrictions. We will go into a little bit later which makes it hard for affiliate marketers to work out very well. But that being said if you have a very product, let’s say an investment field some very high-ticket item you may be able to make money. But again, most of LinkedIn ads should be directed business-to-business. LinkedIn ads don’t work very well for business to Consumer items. That’s why affiliate marketing is hard but the business stuff is the best if you’re selling software tools or stuff like that. So to get started here, we are on the LinkedIn page. Obviously, you want to go over here to where it says work. Show you to start things off. They’ll look at what an ad actually looks like we have the ads over here. This is a business-to-business ad because they’re advertising to people who have businesses. You see we work and the other place where ADS shows up is right on the right side. So there are some ads that show up on the right side that are a bit smaller. So we’ll come over here to Work.

And then we go here to advertise. Now. If you haven’t set up a page for whatever you’re going to advertise yet. You’re going to need to do this first, set up a company page. It’s very easy will just click create a company page will say small business and you’ll fill out the information of whatever it is you want to make sure you set up a company page before you advertise because you will lead a company page in order to advertise on It so we’ll click over here to advertise and let’s get started. So here on LinkedIn and you simply just create ads what’s great is they have access to 560 million people on their platform. So there are a lot of people that use LinkedIn so it can be a very effective place to reach professional or corporate audiences. So once we’re in the campaign, you can see it says campaign performance. So for the sake of time, we go straight into a campaign. I’ve already set up for my product which is the super affiliate system. Okay, so you want to make sure we’re in campaign groups get out of that. You want to go over to campaigns the main spaces you’ll be working as campaigns and ads, okay, so I’m going to click over here and we see Biz option webinar.

We go in here and click manage. So when I Mouse over just click manage right there. If you want to create a new campaign, you would select create campaign right there. You’re going to actually get to see a campaign that I already set up which is pretty good and you’ll see some of the targetings that I use in my advertising campaigns.

Here it is. I set up some countries that I know convert very well for my product, you know, some smaller ex-pat countries and also the United States and Canada. Now what’s cool about LinkedIn is you can add job functions. So if you know, there are typical jobs that people do that use your product. You can add those job functions. It’s really exciting. So if I know a lot of people that I am marketing to are interested in entrepreneurship, I can simply add that in and test that out. Out okay say, okay. Let’s just advertise to people in entrepreneurship. Now then we can also target people by age. So you can target people by age categories. You just click add member age and whatever age your users are. That’s great. You can Target by gender again. You simply check the box and you’ll see the target audience size will change based on how much you’re targeting settings are what’s great is it also gives you an estimate of your click-through rate and how many daily clicks you can expect this helps you forecast your results in advance to give you an idea of how much money you can make. So for instance if you know that a certain affiliate product you’re selling has a one percent conversion rate. You know that you can expect you know from 200 clicks. You can expect about two conversions now, that’s not a lot of conversions per month. Unless you’re selling a product that has a huge price tag, but this is great because it gives you an idea of what you know, it depends on what is your goal. If you are marketing a product and your goal is to get a hundred New Leads a day.

Often race, then you know that you need to read a clique number would need to be about 15,000 for you to support your company’s marketing efforts. So that would be a real good idea of how to do your audience sizes and how to test everything based on you or your company’s goals. So in my case, I use a video ad again.

For the racing game, you can download it from here.

I’m selling what’s called a complex product and video just always works better. It always works better. I’ve never seen an instance where a good video added Works doesn’t work as well as a good image at it tells a story if an image is worth a thousand words a video is worth a thousand images. So it just there’s no comparison and videos if you know, they don’t cost anything more to advertise. Now. I always leave this off the LinkedIn Audience Network places your Ads on other websites around the internet based on your targeting preferences now unless you’re doing something like remarketing or whatnot. This won’t be very effective again. The rest of the internet is a big scary place. You have a very controlled environment within LinkedIn but the opportunity for fraudulent advertising spend to happen outside of LinkedIn greatly increases. So the way I do advertise on LinkedIn is I always focus on the main platform first in this case it’s linked.

And get that profitable and get that working. And then if I want to try to increase volume, I would enable this LinkedIn Audience Network to see if I can get more sales for my money. And this case I had selected added conversion tracking and I selected maximize for clicks and I set my bids to automate it. Let’s go on to the next now. Here’s an example of the advertisements that I used for my own advertising campaign on LinkedIn and if you want to see a preview of my ad here, we’re going to preview it right here. So you see I did entrepreneur education. I have a video on how to make money online and I used a tagline that I know works from my Facebook advertising. So my goal is to get people to sign up, say for my webinar.

b2b linkdin

I can also view it on mobile, but I don’t believe I was placing any advertisements on mobile devices. So that’s how I use LinkedIn ads and Linkedin ads Can Be an Effective place to advertise for your business, but generally speaking, I would stay away from LinkedIn ads. If you’re advertising a product that is b2c is meant for consumers. If you have a product or a tool or software that’s helpful for businesses and business owners. LinkedIn advertise can be very valuable. So that’s where I would focus. Kisan LinkedIn if I were to test it again one major problem I have

LinkedIn is that they do set a bid they have a bid floor. So if we went back here A second, we would see that if I set a maximum bid, so you see this right here, bid needs to be at least four dollars and twenty-five cents. Let me zoom in on this because this is actually a really big problem with LinkedIn advertising which is why I don’t believe it’s a good place to advertise. See this, right? Right here. Big needs to be at least four dollars and twenty-five cents. Now that’s pretty nuts to be paying four dollars and twenty-five cents minimum for a click is outrageous. Okay, you can make money from that on I mean I spent about four dollars per click on Facebook and it works out but it’s not where you start. It’s not where you test your work up to being able to spend that much with an optimized campaign. It makes no sense.

Firing such a high cost per click and they don’t even have that many advertisers. So this is outrageous and until they get rid of their bid floor. That’s what this is called a bid floor meaning you can’t the floor is set at 425. I don’t think advertise on LinkedIn is a very effective place to advertise unless you are selling business-to-business goods and services and tools and software that are very expensive and have a very large value. That’s My take on how to advertise on LinkedIn. Hopefully, you learned something. If you got some value from this give a like if you have any questions for me or comments, or if there’s a particular part about what we learned today that you’d like to learn more about leave me a comment in the comments section.

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