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Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Quality Podcast Mic

The Blue podcast microphones are known Yeti is a beast of a USB microphone. This Mic is a little monster that you can use on any source, anywhere to get amazing recording quality, directly to your computer. Is it so versatile? Those mic engineers at Blue construed an innovative triple capsule setup, you may record in stereo or choose among three other patterns, so you can optimize the Yeti for recording vocals, music, a band, or a duet, whatever you want. It feels like having multiple microphones in one.

The Yeti is connected easily right to your computer via a USB slot. Forget about hauling around a bunch of cables and an audio interface that annoys everyone — just connect blue yeti to your Mac or PC and record something superb. Here is some information about this Microphone yeti!

The staff at Blue Microphones is constantly busy building versatile studio gadgets that give a unique look and does not compromise on output. And this just happened with the Yeti. In the package the stand is included to rock with the Yeti right on your blue desktop, it’s the perfect setup for recording vocals, podcasts, reviews,  calls, meeting sessions, acoustic guitar, lyrics, etc. There’s built-in threading so put the Yeti on a microphone stand and get it in the perfect position for capturing the vibes.

Some extraordinary features make you fall in love with Yeti.  1-Built-in headphone jack with volume control. 2-Plug in headphones and start recording, and you hear everything you need, no other accessories required. There is a master volume button, a mute button, a mic gain control, a polar pattern selector as well. Now, what about their functionality… an innovative triple capsule array in the Blue Yeti you can enhance the Yeti to sound great on various sources.

The stereo option provides awesome imaging, pop it over into cardioid to get a great guitar recording sound. Switch to the omni mode for capturing vocals in the room this one is suitable for meetings, capturing everyone during band practice, and for simply feeling being “in the room” with a tool.

Last but not the least, it has a bidirectional mode as well. It captures from both, front and the back simultaneously, discarding the sound from the sides. Use this mode when you have to record a duet.

With a portable USB connectivity, the ability to sound extravagant on any device you want to record, a desktop stand system, and a really cheap price,  Blue Yeti is nearly a no-brainer.

Blue Podcast Yeti USB Microphone Features:

  1. USB microphone plug-and-play option on Mac and PC.
  2. Versatile tri-capsule system.
  3. Built-in headphone output.
  4. stereo, cardioid, omni, and bidirectional modes available.
  5. multiple microphones in one system.
  6. HD quality resolution recording performance integration.


Yeti Nano is an exceptional USB portable microphone specially designed for broadcast-quality podcasting, YouTube videos, gaming streams, Skype/WhatsApp, and voiceover stuff. Encouraged by the #1-selling Blue Yeti microphone, Yeti Nano was developed featuring 24-bit sound quality, a sleak design, and plug ’n play setup for instant operations with PC or Mac. The high-quality finish looks great on camera and other sources. With a no headphone output and controls for volume, mic mute option, and pickup pattern, Yeti Nano is the essential mic for today’s broadcasters and announcers.

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Small gadget. Big Sound.

Yeti blue Nano includes everything you need with crystal clarity.  Two new proprietary mic capsules are specifically tuned to give voice exceptional presence and details. Plus, Blue Yeti Nano supports high-quality 24-bit/48kHz recording, so your podcast, video or video streaming the production value they deserve. Whether you’re playing games, making a conference call, or simply recording, you will be heard loud and very much clear.

Easy Streaming and Recording

Every element of Yeti blue Nano is designed to help you record and stream high-quality sound. The smart design and new aesthetic sit perfectly on any desktop. The metal stand makes it easy to adjust on any angle of the mic exactly where you need it.

Multiple Voice Captures

Whether you need to record a single source or multiple sources, Yeti Nano holds flexibility with two pattern modes to choose from. Select the pattern button to adjust the one that suits you for your project.


Made for podcasts with a single host, game streaming, calls, vocal performances, voiceovers, and instruments. Cardioid mode records sound sources coming directly from the microphone front, delivering rich, high quality sound.


Record sound stream equally from all sides. Omni-directional mode works best in situations when you want to have a  number of voices emerging like a conference call with multiple participants, or a multi-person interview on a podcast.


When you start streaming or make a conference call, you just have to plug your yeti headphones into the no-latency headphone jack and adjust the volume rocker to set your voice in real-time. And if any interruption takes place like sneezing mid-stream? Just tap a mute button and go unheard with these distortions.


For quick control, the Blue Sherpa companion application is helpful for Yeti Nano. Mute, unmute mic and headphones, fine-tune gain and levels, switch polar patterns, and changing sample rates. Sherpa downloads firmware updates directly to your Yeti Nano mic, keeping you up to date uninterrupted.

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