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Kadence Theme is a lightweight,  full-featured WordPress theme. To make beautiful fast-loading and accessible blogs, easier than ever. Drag and drop header and footer option helps you optimize the blog ofyour choice. With  integration with the most popular 3rd party plugins, you can quickly build impressive unique websites, and blogs, etc.

I want to share with you the theme that I think is the best theme on the market right now and it actually puts a lot of the paid themes to shame even though this is completely free now before I share the name of the theme and exactly how to get it. I want to share with you the criteria that I think a team must have if you even want to consider using it whether it’s a free theme or a paid theme but keep in mind this is going to be a completely free theme. Let’s go ahead and take a look at that criteria right now. The first thing that must be there is an advanced header and footer Builder so that you can get the header and the footer of your website looking exactly how you want with all the options that you would want. So you’re no longer limited to just a few layouts at the dean wants to give you you’ll have ultimate flexibility to have exactly what you want. You have three rows. These are elements that we can drag and drop and use wherever you want now each of these rows have three columns.  We have the logo right and navigation.

All of them we can just click on it and can just drag and drop it where you just moved these search right there. we can do this with any of these elements. we can change the colors. Put images in the background. we have full control. And so this I think is essential for the usability of your website. Now this theme also happens to have a transparent header for free. Come on. This is 2021. That should just be a free. Option in so many themes don’t even include that as a free option, but it goes even further than that because you get mobile responsive options and it’s one of the most important things is having a really solid and tight mobile header. So if we go into mobile view here inside of the customizer I have full control over it. I can change the icons. I can change the layout you can see here. I have a logo and then I have a trigger that’s going to reveal the menu, but we can change how you want this to be. So if I say wanted on a mobile device this logo to be in the middle and then maybe I might want these search toggle over here on the left. You can see with just a few drag and drop like that. I was able to accomplish that now obviously right here the logos a little big so I can click on the click wheel and I can reduce the size of the logo to be something like that and I can also change the height of this area right here. So if we wanted to click right here for the main row, there’s the height we can tighten it up like that. Now all of this is in a free theme you can do this and you can have control over this it’s very easy to use and I think a header and footer Builder like this is an absolutely essential feature for a theme whether a free theme or a pro paid theme in this happens to be a free theme you also have full control over customizing it for a tablet device.


Next essential feature and this is the only theme that has this is globally linked colors. So if we go into the general and then we click here where it says colors this theme has these Global set colors. So essentially what this is is your theme will have you set colors in so many different locations. So you’re setting specific colors for buttons different types of Buttons for different fonts for overlays. There are all these places where you assign colors and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used a theme and I’m using the same green in like 15 different places. And then if I ever want to change that shade of green, you know what I’ve got to go in there and I’ve got to change it in 15 different places in it’s completely unnecessary in tedious. This theme has a globally linked color palette. So the first thing you do is you have to Astro of colors here and you can click on each color and set what it is you can put a hex code or an RGB value whatever you prefer and you can also set a transfer. So that you can have areas where you would have a transparent overlay. You can link it to This Global color palette for when you want to change it in the future. So with this theme, you select your Global colors right here. And then when you’re just going through the theme and configuring colors, you will link it to one of these colors in the global color palette. So for example, the site background I click right here. It happens to be linked to this color in the global color. Palette so once I change that color everywhere that it’s linked is automatically going to change. So here’s the site background content links buttons everywhere. You have these colors you chose instead choose to link it to the global color palette, which makes so much more sense and is a lot more efficient to use when you’re configuring your website. It’s huge and this theme happen.

Happen next you want to have a variety of modern and elegant blog post styles that can be applied to blog post or any unique type of content on your website. So these would be the different custom post types. You might have so here I am on a blog post. And what I’m going to do is go into where I can configure this. So I’m going to click on blog posts and single post layout. So first option I can choose to show or hide my title. I can show how the title is shown. So right here. It is above the content, but I can just click a button here and it integrates it in the content like that. I happen to prefer this but it has the flexibility so you can choose exactly how you want it to look you can choose your container with the alignment of the title. I have it centered here. But if I wanted everything on the left, I could easily do that just like that. You can choose the height of this container.

You also can control all of this based on device. So you can easily make it fit and look perfect on a mobile device. Then we have the option to control the different elements that you would have here. So for example, if I want to show the breadcrumbs, I can click like that and now I have the bread crumbs right there and I can also decide where I want those breadcrumbs to show if I wanted them to show on the bottom. I can just drag that down and now I have those breadcrumbs on the bottom for the metadata. I Expand this and bloggers are going to love this. You have the option to show the last updated date versus the publish date, which is it makes so much more sense to show the last updated date and you can toggle what pieces of metadata that you want to show and which ones that you want to hide. It’s very easy to do that with these toggle switches right here, or you can just hide it by clicking on the eye. And now that meta-information is not going to even show you have control over all of this.

So let me expand that and then you have the post layout so I’m using this box that narrow layout and if I want a much wider layout I could just go like that and I have this wider layout. Let me go back because that’s the one that I prefer now I can also choose to use this show a sidebar if I want so I can choose this option. It’s going to move the post content off to the left and show me a sidebar. But I like the Elegance that you find right here in this narrow layout

We also have different content styles. I’m using boxed but I can click on this and it’s no longer Fox that’s just part of the page. I have all the flexibility of the different parts of a post so I can show my featured image and I don’t have a good featured image right here, but I can do different layouts with this. I can make it behind it’s going to pull the content up over it and make it wider. This would be great. If you have a really nice featured image something that I Don’t I can also make it below this would actually put it inside the content like this or above you can do all these different things including controlling the size of it, but I can also make this featured image be part of the title area if I chose to and I can make this whole thing transparent if I chose to so, I don’t think it fits what I’m doing right here in this is the elegant layout that I prefer to have so you’re gonna want a theme. That has an elegant blog. Post layouts and included for free. I mean this is 2021. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to have the flexibility that we want in the customizer to make our blog look how we want it to look and get that Elegance out of it. Next, you should also have those same options for pages. So when I click on page layout right here, I have pretty much all those same options right here. In fact, if I have learned – installed or woocommerce installed or any plug-in that adds I’m kind of a custom type of information or a custom post type. You can configure all those options. I just showed you on a post type by post type basis no need for page builder to make it look good Earth emailed or anything. It’s all just built inside of this free thing. Not only can you set those settings on a global basis, but you also can set them on a page-by-page basis. So if there’s an individual page that you want a transparent header on well you can do

The same thing goes for posts or if you want a different page or post link out you can do that as well. So here I am on a page and you can see here in the top left. There’s this icon and it takes heat settings when you hover over it and click on that what’s going to happen is it’s going to reveal to the settings and this is where you can do to have a transparent header. If you wanted just off this one major post and the title page layout the content style, although settings that I

Showed you don’t roll them on each page or post what you have to do special content like a lesson in learned as you can do it as well. Now, there are other things that should go without saying that it should be very fascinating. That means no jQuery built into it. This is lightening up there with all the fastest teams that we’ve come to know and love and expect inside of a theme.

 You have to deal with all this advertising and weird changing of the WordPress admin experience and they’re constantly trying to get you to buy the pro version a theme. I don’t think needs to have that in there and I think it does more of a discredit to the theme than it does to make someone want to buy it because you’re giving a bad user experience. So when I see themes that have all this advertising stuff like that, it’s an I didn’t know now when you add all of these features up together, it has a what I think is pretty much the perfect WordPress theme it’s fast it’s full of features. It’s full of flexibility and it’s very lightweight it’s really just the perfect combination. So I think I found pretty much the perfect WordPress theme it’s backed by a company that has their themes and plugins on hundreds of thousands of websites. They’ve been in the workforce Community making For many years and they’re highly respected.

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