What is 5G?

5G Benefits

Let’s talk about 5G, the latest and greatest move is that they say it will Transform Our Lives. It sounds extremely promising, 5G will let us download an HD movie in few seconds. That is just hilariously fast, doctors will be able to perform remote surgery with virtually no lag time and it’ll make self-driving cars smarter and safer and faster as well. But there are also suspicions that Jingle around, it exposes us to more security breaches, privacy issues, and even health problems may arise. So what exactly is 5G and how much of the excitement or fear is just hype. We all know 3G and 4G, they are the mobile network operators already in business.

Today you see them at the top of your phone and they give us access to the internet, but we’re now making way for the Next Generation 5G is promoted as the best, and this connection around and in some countries. It’s already available in some countries, South Korea launched 5G networks last year so other providers in China the UK the US, and Germany. New 5G phones are on the way. Samsung becomes the first one in 2019 bringing commercial 5G to life before the rest. So here is how it works. 5G uses a wide range of radio frequencies starting from the lower end which we already use for television and Wi-Fi.


All the way up to what’s called millimeter waves which are extremely high frequency and used for things like radar guns and security screening at airports. This means that 5G can carry huge amounts of data faster and that’s a big reason why we need it now. Our mobile networks are running out of capacity soon. They won’t be able to accommodate. With the growing number of devices were using and there’s money to be made governments will earn Revenue by granting 5G licenses. The other reason to move to 5G in an Action more sensors in the world talk doing data and transmitting the back and forth in a smart intelligent hybrid way.

It is sort of like a Jetsons-like futuristic technology my ingredients and I get recipes that he’s talking about what they call the internet of things and what it means is more and more of our devices like smart speakers or exercise equipment will remember and even anticipate our preferences and 5G will allow them to talk to each other.


Record speed you will be connecting many more devices to the internet for the same probably amounts of money. And without interfering one to each other. The challenge was 5G is coverage shorter wavelengths carry more information, but are more easily blocked by things like trees and walls with 4G transmitters or base stations can be several kilometers apart, but with 5G, they need to be closer which means we need more of them one estimate suggests. US alone will have to install 1 million new  Towers that’s why 5G is really more of a gradual rollout, not a launch because all of that back-end infrastructure will take years to Bill’s point a substantive replacement or upgrade of the course systems.

The telecommunications companies provide that’s going to be a really massive investment the problem in some places is that big phone companies have only just finished building their 4G networks. They want to both enjoy the benefits they reap the profits they put into it.

Players in 5G

But also they recognize that while there’s this assertion that we’re gonna find your race. It’s not a short-term race but a very long-term marathon and the race is already getting crowded some of the big names in 5g IS Ericsson from Sweden, Nokia from Finland, and Samsung from South Korea But one company is way in the lead today.  The world’s biggest supplier of network telecommunications equipment employee has been bidding for contracts around the world to set up 5G networks, but the Chinese company Huawei. Some other countries do not welcome in a lot of places Australia and New Zealand Taiwan and Japan have all blocked Huawei from building their 5G networks. So as the US Administration has even put pressure on the UK Poland and Germany to stop them from working with Huawei. There’s an obvious business reason for that Huawei has been crushing the competition the Americans want in but the country’s shutting quality out says there’s more to it pull the US and many Western Nations. The tech giant is The spine tool for the Chinese government.


The Chinese government requires these firms to support and assist Beijing’s vast security apparatus allegations, but its top executives deny. They insisted while they are not in the pocket of China’s government, always basically accused of being a pawn in China’s state-sponsored spine and there’s an assumption that you know, in terms of cybercrime and cyber War. There’s like a block on the East that’s leaving all these attacks.

There’s a strong expectation at least in North America and parts of Western Europe that relations with China will become more intake mystic not you know due to a military conflict is something that nature but on the basis of trade on foreign policy on human rights and issues like that, but 5G also stirs up a lot of debate about our own individual privacy. We’re facing a future where more and more of our basic household items will be connected to a 5G Network. That’s a lot more data being collected like what you watch on TV.


Whether there’s someone at home, information advertisers are after it’s data that others might want to misuse and so if you are acquiring baby monitors or you’re acquiring door locks. or any of the other internet of things really looking at them carefully to determine whether the vendor is committed to providing a secure product on an ongoing basis, which brings us to another concern our health with all those extra radio waves swimming around us. People are worried. Not to mention getting infants key. I was a pop artist yet. People are going to have a choice anymore. And that’s what terrifies me the most we’ve seen this before when mobile phones first came out people were worried. They might cause cancer right now.

There is some exposure of you your deep tissues your brain some other tissues that are a few centimeters past the surface of the skin, but after many scientific studies. The general consensus is there’s no hard evidence to support that theory but it hasn’t necessarily been disproven either. It’s the same with 5G and in fact, some experts seem to think 5G shorter wavelengths are actually less harmful than the radiation from devices we’re using now. It’s just a little ironic to me that you’re all worried about 5G. When once you get to that millimeter-wave regime all your steamed issues are quite safe is really only a scam that’s going to get any exposure. It’s the same pattern.

Any new technology right there is excitement and wonder but also skepticism. We’re talking maybe five to twenty years before we really see 5G in full effect. And in that time new tech is going to emerge China says, it’s already working on the 6G. I hope that was a useful primer on 5G. To read about blue yeti click here.

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